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Healing Trauma Sessions

coaching session
$75 USD

Healing Trauma Sessions Childhood trauma, relationship truama, Abuse, loss, trauma of on any level I will help you address it on a level of Post Tramatic Growth where you will discover:

  • Greater sense of personal strength
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater compassion for self and others
  • New posibilites for life
  • How to overcome survival mode
  • Plant new roots
  • Trust life will not hurt you
  • Transmute triggures into peace
  • Cultivate inner strenght to thrive
  • Find your true self
  • Heal the inner child
  • Meet the new version of yourself

The outcome of these sessions will release that energy from your mind and body and bring past wounds and truamas to complete resolution.
You will also awaken a higher consciouness, and your inner guidance system.

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Hi I am Rena Price Certified Life Coach, Mentor, Empath, Speaker, and Author living in Fresno, CA
I specialize in internal nature where I can help you discover any issue of life at its root. I am a Shaman by my nature. I help you auto correct or biologically reboot your DNA with just internal understanding, self healing without anything but your conscious awareness.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

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$75 USD
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