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*Life and relationships can be complex and complicated which can leave us confused, unnecessarily emotionally attached, or in search of a positive reenforcement. I am here to listen, advice, and guide. *****

I am not a psychologist nor life coach - no gimmicks - no assignments - no need for frequent visits. What I do is a form of healing through intuitive dialogue, With an open mind and a heart ready to listen we can move forward to a better perspective unto one's life.

My goal: is to provide fast solutions for a peace of mind.


Our inner light at times can have a shut off button. When that occurs we fall short of our purpose and become distracted. That only means this light is hidding due to the possibility of an unresolved issue or underlining thought. The Goal: getting rid of the block.

The matters of any such relationships can be challenging when emotionally involved. Within us we have the answers but in most cases it takes reflecting to let go or hold on. The Goal: Reflection, Strength, and Courage.

Working environments are about positive dynamics. At times it is a skill just to navigate through employers and employees. The Goal: To understand the weaknesses to get to a healthy productive workspace.

Confidence creates certainty, when we lack it our fire from within suffers and with that so does our purpose. Making the necessary changes for the embetterment of You will create that confidence inside. The Goal: Identifying the lack there of.

Starting a business, questioning the partnership, uncertain about risks??? Possibly your most sensitive time in making executive and life changing decisions. The Goal: Define the decision, time is money, effort, & energy.

You have a feeling about what you would like to make your career but is it the right choice? Changes are happening and there is hesitancy in moving forward towards a new path. The Goal: Establishing a road map to connect to your true self.

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My Advice are opinions formulated from behavior, patterns, and actions.
I am an 'Objective Listener' with an open mind to understand where adjustments need to change to get you back on track, out of patterns, out of negative situations, and/or simply provide reassurance and intuitive confirmation.

My goal: is to provide fast solutions for a peace of mind.

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