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Confusion to Clarity Session

$20 USD
$20 USD

Are you trying to figure out who you are and where you're going? Do you need to make a decision but don't know what to do? Let's get together and work it out. I'll clue you into how your body is trying to communicate with you to get you to live your best human life and what you need to pay attention to when making big decisions. We'll feel into the energies around you and identify your next best steps toward your desired outcome.

This is a strategy session for your body and soul. My desire is to get you grounded and reoriented in your life so that you move into your highest timeline. We'll take into account where you are in your life, where you want to go, what's on your Human Design blueprint, and the higher guidance from the Akashic field, your higher self, and personal guide team.

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Johnson City, TN, USA

Sandy is a guide and healer for people who support and guide others. She uses Human Design and her extensive intuitive abilities to help clients shift into their ability to be more effective in their personal lives, businesses, and relationships. Sandy's training and certifications are extensive and include Human Design, Soul Realignment/Akashic Record, Life Coaching and Energy Healing.

On Core Spirit since March 2022

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