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These private sessions are suitable for people who already have or intend to have a meditation practice. We will begin the mentoring session with a chat to see where you are with your development/practice, discuss any issues or questions you may have and then I will end this session with a kundalini awakening transmission (Shaktipat).

What Is Kundalini? Kundalini is a form of the divine feminine energy (shakti) that is located and coiled at the base of the spine, in the muladhara chakra (or root chakra). It stays dormant there until it is awakened through spiritual practice (or sometimes seemingly at random). It then travels up to the brain for a full kundalini awakening (it later descends into the heart and gut). This process can take years, months or weeks. A full kundalini awakening is a life changing experience that in the past seemed to be exclusively for sages or mystics and predominantly in the East, but it is becoming more and more common in the west now for a lot of reasons: There is more information on spiritual practices these days and easier access to this information. There are astrological and energetic changes taking place at the moment, allowing for mass awakening. There are also more people being called to carry out the work of awakening others through healings and transmissions. ​ What Are The Benefits of Awakening Kundalini? A full kundalini awakening results in a self realised state. The initiation of Shaktipat activates/arouses the kundalini and sets it on the path to full awakening, although how long this takes will depend on each individual case and how much you have to heal. Even when the kundalini is just activated and not fully awakened, there are still benefits: -An upgrade to your energy system and nervous system each time Shaktipat is received -A purifying effect on the body and mind which can lead to an improvement in health -A more restful mind -A more profound understanding of reality through experience -sensitivity to energy -peace, bliss, joy and oneness with nature. -knowledge of the self -Increase in intuition and psychic phenomena -trauma release -Many More

How Often Should I Receive The Transmission? There is no minimum or maximum, however, from my own previous experience and witnessing other people's progress, a session every week or every two weeks is adequate.

Please understand that while results cannot be guaranteed, I have not yet had a recipient of this transmission who has not felt beneficial change, kundalini activation or energy sensations and releases. By booking this session you are confirming your understanding that this is not a substitute for professional medical help. You agree and acknowledge that I am not providing medical advice, mental health advice, or religious advice in any way and that I am not responsible for any issues that may arise from any underlying mental health problems/illnesses you may have.

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Shaktipat Giver, Reiki Master, Pellowah Giver helping people to awaken and connect to their own intuition and healing abilities through Kundalini activation and healing attunements.

2 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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$85 USD