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Weight Loss and Overeating Hypnotherapy and Coaching

therapy session
$90 USD

Would you like to feel more in control of eating and able to say 'no' to extra helpings?

Overeating and weight loss hypnotherapy will guide you to break the cycle of constantly dieting and feeling restricted. Sessions will help you feel positive and in control, more able to maintain a healthy weight long term. My approach focuses on disordered eating and your relationship with food.

Some clients come specifically to lose weight. However many recognise that it’s comfort eating when stressed, low or bored, that needs to be addressed. Often clients are facing challenges around emotional eating, overeating or binge eating.

From my experience, the vast majority of people do in fact know what healthy eating is. However, it’s portion control or making choices about what, when or how much to eat, which are the real challenges. During sessions for overeating or disordered eating, we address the underlying causes of why it is hard to eat in a balanced way.

Sessions are interactive and involve a number of approaches. These include solution focused weight loss hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mindfulness based tools and aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Please note that a block of four or six sessions is recommended.

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Highly experienced hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner. Clients appreciate my approachable and professional sessions.

Help for Depression, Anxiety. Overeating, Smokinng, Alcohol, Drug Use. Phobias. Social Media Addiction. Life coaching.

Memberof the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the UK Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, approved clinical hypnotherapist for AnxietyUK.

13 years of practice
On Core Spirit since November 2021


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$90 USD
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