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Walking Meditation (Covid-19 save!)

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If you are in Hamburg I am offering “Walk with me” Walking Meditation Sessions in the Niendorfer Gehege.

What can you expect from our walking meditation:

– Personalized sessions that directly correspond with your needs
– Mindfulness training that teaches being present in the here and now through the benefits of nature and movement
– A holistic approach combining research results and current knowledge with lived experience
– Immediate benefits as you are taking time for yourself
– Longterm benefits ranging from a better understanding of your thoughts and emotions and therefore the ability to respond to life’s changes and challenges more skillfully

How is the walking meditation and mindfulness training usually structured:

– The topics we discuss and experience are based on the 8-week MBSR training.
– We meet in the Niendorfer Gehege and walk together for about an hour.
– There will be an introduction to the topic, open conversation, silence and guided meditation
– Corona safety measures: As we are outside we can easily keep a safe distance

Which are the topics of the mindfulness training?
– What is mindfulness?
– Perception and creative responding
– Mindfulness of the breath and the body in movement
– Learning about the patterns of stress reactivity
– Working with stress
– Stressful communications
– Lifestyle Choices
– A mindful life

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As an MBSR, mindfulness, and meditation teacher and engineer, I am deeply engaged in personal growth, sustainable living and sufficiency.
My mission is to support others in discovering their happiness or, even more importantly, handling the ups and downs of life more gracefully.

Something I work on myself each day again and again with varying results but an overall positive trend. ;-)

9 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2020

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