8 week private MBSR course - Stress Reduction for Beginners

$250 USD
$250 USD

“Thoughts are real, but they are not necessarily true.”

In this course, you will learn over the course of 8 weeks how our thoughts, bodily sensations and emotions influence our stress level, our happiness - our whole being.
By understanding the connections and with continuous mindfulness training, we can learn to take back control of our lives.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an approach that incorporates mindfulness to assist people struggling with life’s difficulties, demands, stresses and physical or mental illnesses.

Great for beginner and advanced meditators alike, this course is designed to help you:
- Respond rather than react to stress
- Change habitual reactivity patterns
- Cultivate self-awareness
- Learn the most established secular mindfulness program

Developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn in the late 1970s in the UMass medical school to help patients with chronic pain, with many elements of Buddhist traditions, the purely secular program and other mindfulness-based interventions like MBCT, have now been adopted into schools, prisons, hospitals, veterans’ centres, and other environments. These programs have been implemented in many other fields, such as; healthy ageing, pain management, depression relapse prevention, children with special needs, drug addiction and intervention during the perinatal period.

The MBSR course is an eight-week workshop taught by a certified trainer.
The first 1 hours session is for orientation and to get to know each other.
It is then followed by 8 sessions of one and a half hour.
You’ll also receive handouts your teacher is available via email throughout the course.

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Tine Steiss2021-04-03 18:15 UTC

The course and the continuous practice will help you deal with your emotions more skillfully. It will not stop negative emotions from coming up. They come up for a reason and with a message and it’s important to hear them. In the course we will also practise not to get hijacked by negative emotions but to respond to the cause and the situation rather than react to triggers.

Phoebe Savir2021-04-03 10:16 UTC

If I don’t take the stress out on people, but I’m very angry inside, I have a lot of negative emotions. Will this course help me get rid of such emotions?

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