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Heal your gut once and for all, using the 5R Protocol. This unique method considers that you are a unique tapestry of events and experiences which affect your gut health and finds your unique blueprint to give you healing. In 6 months you’ll say goodbye to digestive symptoms, neurological symptoms, respiratory symptoms, Joint issues, Energy issues, Congestion, Skin and all autoimmune diseases.

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Hi I’m a mum of 3 lovelies and I’m a Holistic nutritionist who’s passionate about using food as medicine and also in love with neuroscience. I think the mind and brain have a lot to teach us if we are mostly present(aware)

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Hi Stormi, I was just wondering if you have any other questions you need me to clarify. Here’s a link to book a call if you want to know if this is a right fit for you. https://calendly.com/faizahibrahim/60min

Hi Stormi, 5R stands for Remove, Replace, Repopulate, Repair and Rebalance, Its a framework of gut healing developed by the institute of gut healing. It’s a holistic and personalized method of digging to find the root causes of the underlying condition. It involves removing toxins both external and internal, replacing the needed enzymes and stomach acids, repopulating the gut microbiome with the good stuff, repairing the gut lining and then rebalancing lifestyle to keep the gut healthy. Symptoms and conditions disappear once this is complete. I also add some subconscious healing (hypnosis) because sometimes these conditions are embedded in emotional wounds . Hope this helps. Let me know if you need help

Stormi Smith
May 1, 2021

Hi! What does 5R stand for?

$3000 USD
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