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Trauma-Informed Career Coaching

coaching session
$199 USD
$199 USD


Start envisioning the career you want and let's work together to get you there!

Target audience

Anyone wanting to develop or advance their careers.


Learn skills valuable to developing your professional skills and advance in your career.


We will work to discover your purpose, set goals, and make a plan to reach your career potential.

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Houston, TX, USA

Desirie Parker has extensive experience in the nonprofit industry, having worked for three of the most respected and longest running trauma informed organizations in the country. She has led staffs ranging in size from five to 35, and under her leadership more that 50% of employees were promoted to their first leadership positions in the last 2 years alone.Desirie backs up her years of experience with an MBA from the University of Houston and an MA in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, as well as years of continued education in trauma-informed care.

Desirie has created and launched programs for survivors of sex trafficking and transitional youth, written evidence based curriculums, and formed a social enterprise to support women who have experienced exploitation. She has 15 years experience in victim services experience, ten of those in leadership and is now working as a consultant and coach, with the goal of helping workplaces apply the same trauma-informed principles to their employees that they do to their clients.

On Core Spirit since April 2023

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