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Lifestyle Disease Reversal Yoga Sessions

healing session
$399 USD

Yoga is Life's magnetic Compass.
It shows you the direction to reach right into your Heart

Only 5 Holidays are admissible excluding Saturdays & Sundays.
Complete 21 sessions within 5 weeks only.

Yoga is not just about shaping your Body, it is using your Mind & body at its best to RESHAPE OUR LIFE!

The Purpose of Yoga is not limited to Body but it has a vast and Profound motive to change our Complete Life.
Hence Yoga is not just doing, it is a way of BEING.

> By Record-Holder Dr. Rajinder Kaushal (Naturopath & Certified Yoga Instructor)

Yoga Activates the Healer, Counseller and Care taker, already present with in.
Thyroid, Heart Blockages, Hernia, Parkinson, Paralysis, Arthritis, Asthma, Hair Fall, Insomnia, Depression, Hypertension, Blood Pressure fluctuations, Under-Developed brain or Body and Others!

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Yoga for Lifestyle Disease Reversal

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$399 USD
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