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Strength + Passion = Purpose

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What is my Purpose? Why am I Here? What can I do with my Life? Is this it,surely there must be more?

We have all had these questions pop into our brains at some point in our lives. These existential questions are not new or even particularly unique,and yet for each of us the answers are very different. Often times we step into this existential space when we have been triggered by an event in our lives. This event is often life changing and we find oursleves wondering whether our lives have meaning, and if there is more that we can do.

Some people know what their purpose is, and have known for all their lives. For others, this may take some time to discover. What we do know is that we all have a Purpose. This signature program will help you discover what your Purpose is.

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Ideal Careers happen by Design.We help high potentials and high performers amplify their career goals with courage and confidence so they can have a seat and a voice at the table.We are privileged to connect with thousands of clients,delivering tailor made career development packages to meet their individual career needs.We pride ourselves in being able to empower every aspect of our clients life.

25 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021


4 min.
Career Coaching
Nov 10 2021
How to Stand up for yourself at work

Knowing how to stand/speak up for yourself at work is a critical career building skill.

We would all like to believe that our workplaces provide healthy, respectful and collaborative environments for us to work in. Afterall, when you took the job that wa…

Ideal Careers Coaching
2 min.
Life Coaching
Nov 3 2021
How to manage your Notice Period with grace and dignity

We have all resigned from a job at some stage during our career.

Your notice period can sometimes be a very uncomfortable period as you begin to prepare for your exist. Some organisations will allow you to leave once you have handed in your resignation a…

Ideal Careers Coaching
4 min.
Life Coaching
Nov 3 2021
5 Effective Tips to effectively manage Work Overload and save your Sanity

Many years ago, I had a manager who said “if you cannot get through your days’ work in a day, then something is wrong. Either your load is too heavy or the processes you are using are ineffective.”

Now we all accept there will be times when the workload …

Ideal Careers Coaching
3 min.
Career Coaching
Nov 3 2021
Do YOUR homework before you change Careers

Is your job making you feel miserable and bored? You don’t have any motivation to keep working at the same place? Does it feel like you have outgrown your position?

If yes is the answer to all these questions, you may need a career change.

Switching pro…

Ideal Careers Coaching
6 min.
Career Coaching
Aug 27 2021
How to deal with this New Feeling called Languishing

I don’t know I Feel…

This neglected middle child of mental health can dull your motivation and focus and it may be the dominant emotion of 2021.Adapted from the original article by Adam Grant.

At first, I did not recognize the symptoms that we all had i…

Ideal Careers Coaching
6 min.
Career Coaching
Aug 25 2021
Change Careers with Confidence and Courage

Changing careers takes confidence and courage. We know this! It is often the reason we have not made the changes we want to make yet. We do not have the confidence or the courage to take those next steps, or that leap of faith.

If you do not feel confide…

Ideal Careers Coaching

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