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Spinal Pain Relief

healing session
$50 USD


This non-touch virtual 45 minute session brings the Chakras responsible for spinal pain into balance. It will alleviate and eventually rid the pain from the affected area of the spinal.

Target audience

Anyone over the age of 18 suffering from back pain.


The session will help in removing blocked energies in the spine allowing for pain relief.


The Chakra balancing of the spine will allow the energy to now flow freely through the Chakras. The client will experience the ease of pain from the affected area.


Clients need to be in a quiet environment that allows them to be seated or lying down and receptive to the treatment. Soft music can be played if this helps to relax.

Other comments

For some clients this therapy has instant effects, however it can take 2-12 hours after the session has taken place to see results. The reason being for the delay response is the body needs to accept and become familiar with the flow of the new energy. Therapy is recommended to be done 3 times per week a minimum twice per week for a period of 2-3 months of therapy for best results.

Distant energy healing is not intended to replace standard medicine, but to complement it. If symptoms continue please consult a medical Doctor.

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$50 USD
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