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Pain Relief Therapy
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Pain Relief Therapy

Pain Relief Therapy
$10 USD
healing session
Reiki Long Distance for Pain

Reiki Healing can travel through space and time. I've done many healings. I am especailly good at reducing pain.

Dee Wartenberg
Pain Relief Therapy
$60 USD
therapy session
Pain Relief Virtual Session

I will walk you through severral self-help pain relief techniques to help you ease and/or eliminate your pain. Also give you suggestions and other recomendations on how to maintain your pain life.

Since there are limitations in the concerns, I can set only 3 concerns, and whatever is available, please keep in mind that I address all body pain.

Ani Papazyan
Pain Relief Therapy
$100 USD
coaching session
Rehab Coaching for Chronic Pain

Experiencing chronic pain and ache but nothing seems to solve it?
Join Rella for a unique 4M approach to Rehab Training comprising of Movement, Meridian, Mood and Mind Work. The program is targeted to help You get to the root of your pain and work through it.
Unlock your body and start moving with ease!

Rella Quek
Pain Relief Therapy
$130 USD
therapy session
Dynamic Table Stretching

What are the benefits of stretching?

Reduce pain.
Reduce risk of injury.
Reduce or eliminate tight muscles.
Reduce or eliminate stiff joints.
Improve circulation.
Improve posture.
Improve and enhance sex.
Make you feel and look younger.

What does stretch therapy do?

The overall goal of stretch therapy is to treat muscle tightness, joint imbalances, and tissue restrictions that cause movement distortions, aches and pains, and increased risk of injury. Over time, stretch therapy improves range of motion, leading to improved movement patterns and fewer injuries.

Does stretching burn fat?

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While some people, well, a vast majority of them only perceive stretching as a way to prepare for proper exercising, in reality, stretching is a lot more than that. It will help you burn calories at a faster rate than you usually would and it will allow your entire body to lose weight better.

Coach Hamm "Namaste T.H.U.G (True Heart Un…
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