Rehab Coaching for Chronic Pain

coaching session
$100 USD
$100 USD

Experiencing chronic pain and ache but nothing seems to solve it?
Join Rella for a unique 4M approach to Rehab Training comprising of Movement, Meridian, Mood and Mind Work. The program is targeted to help You get to the root of your pain and work through it.
Unlock your body and start moving with ease!

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13 years as a [p]rehab Trainer working with clients to improve their mobility & reduce chronic pain, led me to the interconnectedness of physical, mental & emotion states.
My vision is to guide and heal my clients holistically using a 4-Dimensional approach to healing.
For the ones who are struggling with situations or pain they don't speak about, healing is a journey of self discovery.

13 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2021

Life Coaching
12-Weeks Transformational Process
$997 USD
coaching session

Created as a continuation to the REBIRTH program,
GROWTH is a 12-weeks transformation program with the intention to guide individuals into creating the Life they want.
In the 12-weeks, participants will also discover and design their own set of daily regime to aid in their growth process. If you KNOW what you want, it is time to get it!

Rella Quek
Life Coaching
4-Weeks Mental & Emotional Coaching Program
$397 USD
coaching session

**Reboot your Life! **
If you've been feeling ungrounded or 'lost', it's time to come back!
Back to your life with new perspectives and new habits.

Week 1: The Preparation Process
Identify spectrum of emotions
Identify first tier emotions
Dive into the root of triggers

Week 2: Release the Past
Identify second tier emotions
Recognise repetitive patterns
Breaking THE Pattern

Week 3-4: Being Present
Experience various forms of:
•Mindfulness Practice
•Physical Training
•Expression Techniques

Rella Quek
Life Coaching
First Session Mental & Emotional Coaching
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 07:00
$10 USD
coaching session

REBIRTH - 4 Weeks Program to Jumpstart your Life

We have all been stuck in Life before. Sometimes albeit longer than usual.
This 4 weeks program is created to help you identify key triggers that may be blocking you from your personal growth or moving on with Life.
Dive deep into your pre-conditioned mindset, emotions and triggers to learn more about what and why you may be stuck at this stage of your Life.
Find out more from your first session with Rella.

Book now at only $10!

Rella Quek
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