Pain Relief Virtual Session

therapy session
$60 USD
$60 USD

I will walk you through severral self-help pain relief techniques to help you ease and/or eliminate your pain. Also give you suggestions and other recomendations on how to maintain your pain life.

Since there are limitations in the concerns, I can set only 3 concerns, and whatever is available, please keep in mind that I address all body pain.

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Empowering you with knowledge, self-help pain relief techniques, and resources so you can take control of your health, take charge of your habits, and make informed lifestyle choices. You deserve to be pain free and do what you love. Finding the root cause of your pain, utilizing self-help techniques, nutritional and lifestyle changes are essential to your long term, sustainable results.

28 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021
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Ani Papazyan2021-05-20 14:01 UTC

Hi Jess, thanks for reaching out. 95% of the time the techniques I use will give you relief, the only time I won't take on a client if they've had several back surgeries, or they have severe stenosis. If you give me a bit more information on your pain I'll have better idea.

Jess Rogers2021-05-19 17:26 UTC

I have some problems with me whole back. Can it help me?

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