Chakra Balancing

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This non-touch virtual 15 minute session brings the Chakras that respond to emotional challenges into balance (Chakra Balancing).

Target audience

Anyone having challenges with stress and anxiety.


The session will help in removing blocked energies like fear, stress and anxiety allowing for harmony and balance in these physical areas.


The client will feel refreshed with a sense of peace and overall well-being in the body. The energy will now flow freely through the Chakras allowing for the harmonization of the mind, body and spirit.


Create a relaxing environment where one can find time to lie down and be receptive to the work that will be taking place. Light some candles or play some relaxing music during the time of therapy if this helps to relax.

Other comments

For some clients this therapy has instant effects, however it can take 2-12 hours after the session has taken place to see results. The reason being for the delay response is the body needs to accept and become familiar with the flow of the new energy. For severe cases it is highly recommended a period of 2-3 months of therapy.

Distant energy healing is not intended to replace standard medicine, but to complement it. If symptoms continue please consult a medical Doctor.

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I'm an Energy Worker, Spiritual Healer & Coach for more than 10 years. Devoted to helping people work on root causes of physical and emotional pain and mental blocks by using a holistic approach to identify causes and apply techniques to heal these conditions. I received training as a Spritual Healer from the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui at the Institute for Inner Studies, Inc. Florida.

11 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2022


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