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Slip into Sleep Session

$100 USD

A session to get tips for better sleep or cracking the code of your dreams + free pdf download on sleep or dreams

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It all depends on what is causing the insomnia - stress, poor sleep routine, family history, illness, etc. I can help you look at what the possible causes are and suggest ways to improve sleep

I can help you with tips and simple techniques to encourage lucid dreaming, but I can't guarantee that you will have them

Hello John, we could look into what may be triggering the insomnia and find out how best to address the issue

Emma Stone
May 12, 2021

Hello! How many sessions does it take to overcome insomnia?

I’m not a doctor or dentist, so I can’t rectify any physical reason why you grind your teeth. If it is about stress being expressed, I can certainly help you find ways to decrease stress levels

Phoebe Savir
Apr 29, 2021

I’m grinding my jaw in my sleep, can you help me with this?

Hello Irina, I can’t guarantee you will have lucid dreams..I’m not in charge of your unconscious mind! What I can do is provide tips that will encourage ludreaming ming

I can certainly help you unpack some of the issues tat may be causing your insomnia, we would need to take an in depth look at your health to se what possible triggers exist

I can’t guarantee that you will have lucid dreams, but I can teach you specific techniques I’ve created to help you manifest, remember and interpret your dreams

When you say accurate, whay exactly do you mean? I work with the material that dreamers bring to me, so it is accurate as far as the dreamer reports their dream as accurately as possible.
Dreams usually offer a snapshot of what is important to the dreamer at a given moment, but can foretell certain things months or even years in advance

Apr 28, 2021

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Hello John, I can’t guarantee a result, of course, but we can look at the situation to see what the trigger(s) may be and how to counteract them

Irina Lazutina
Apr 21, 2021

Hello! Will your online session help me to have lucid dreams?

Hello Veronica, besides receiving specific advice to interpret your dream or get tailored sleep advice, a pdf download on a dream case study or how to naturally improve sleep is sent

Veronica Kee
Apr 13, 2021

Hi Sheila! Would it be just a talking session? Is there anything else clients receive? Like a PDF guide or something like that?

John Persey
Apr 12, 2021

hey! Can you help me with my seasonal insomnia?

$100 USD
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