Single focus break through session

coaching session
$85 USD
$85 USD

What is getting in your way of where you want to be? Procrastination? Fear of commitment? Indecision?

Together we will work to establish an awareness of these patterns. I will lead you through an exercise to help you overcome these habits and begin taking steps toward what you actually want.

The session takes 45-60 minutes depending on your pace.

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Hi there! I am an accredited psychosynthesis coach that focuses on positive psychology, psychosynthesis and mindfulness. I love unromanticizing the world of self love we see on social media, and helping clients understand what it actually means to accept ourselves. Take a sigh of relief because we do not have to love every part of ourselves in order to have self value!

On Core Spirit since May 2021
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Genevieve Mackenzie2021-06-23 19:12 UTC

No way! It is just a really great start to help you overcome them yourself. I can guarantee you will leave with more awareness around them so you can begin to make better choices when then show up.

Veronica Kee2021-05-07 22:34 UTC

Hey! This one single session wouldn’t be enough to actually change one’s life, would it?

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