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How to be a super hot athletic chick

May 7, 2021
Reading time 4 min.

So you want to be a super hot athletic chick. I don’t blame you, it’s pretty dope being one. Let’s begin with the super hot part. We can cultivate this in one simple step.

Decide to be hot.

Did you do it??? Did you decide?

HOW COOL – you are now officially hot to the only person that matters, YOU.

When writing this post, I was thinking to myself about my personal journey of becoming hot. And how truly one day I said: “fuck it”. If I think I’m hot, then I’m hot. The only thing stopping me from being hot, is me deciding to be hot.

‘Hot’ doesn’t have a size, a weight, or a look. And there is no ‘hot’ stamp coming for you after you lose that extra 10 pounds. So give that stamp to yourself now! That’s what I did, and it worked! Literally, everyone in this room right now thinks I’m hot (my two cats and me).

So what is preventing you from being hot?

Now that we’re hot, let’s get into the athletic part. The first rule of being a super hot athletic chick is to honor our body. You can not hate your body into a shape you love, but you can love it into a place of peace.

The thing is, extra stomach fat is not what is keeping you from being happy. What is keeping you from being happy is your relationship to it, resistance to it, and the stories you tell yourself about it.

I could not tell you how many times my mind tells me, “no one else has as much stomach fat as you”. She will tell me I am less than because I have some extra jelly. The thing is, my mind can do what she wants. She is an independent bitch, and has shown me many times over that I cannot control her thoughts.

Luckily, I don’t need to control her, I just need to recognize that she lies to me sometimes.

That is where I begin to prod her. Where do I get the evidence that I have more tummy fat than any other girl? Instagram? Come on brain, you’re not even trying!! We KNOW social media is not real.

Recognize the stories your brain tells you about how your body “should” be. Challenge that story like I just did there.

Challenge it again, and again, and again, and again, until your brain gets so bored that it just stops bringing around that same old story.

What is your reasoning for wanting to be more fit? Does that motivation come from a place of love, or a place of not being good enough?

We often have this belief that we need self-hate and discontent to motivate us. If I love my body as it is, I will lose control and not reach my goals.

The thing is, you’ve never had control. You just have anxiety pretending to be control.

I resisted accepting my body because I feared if I did that, I would lose motivation. If I didn’t have this inner driver of not being good enough propelling me, then what would??

It turns out, love for myself and my body are actually pretty good motivators.

When we are motivating ourselves from a place of self-hate, nothing will ever be good enough. So even when you lose that belly flab, all of the sudden your quads aren’t quite toned enough. Tone your quads, now your arm is looking a little flabby.

If we come at it from a place of love, all of a sudden we can finally feel like we are doing enough, and we don’t need to have 0% arm fat to feel accomplished.

Honoring your body into health and fitness may make the process slower, but it is not meant to be fast. It is meant to be sustainable.

You have your whole life to work out. If you’re feeling really tired today, take the day off. You will get back at it tomorrow.

Here are some workout tips to motivate you from a place of love:

Find a why that has nothing to do with your appearance. Do you like the energy it gives you? Does it help you sleep better? Do you like being able to eat guilt-free?

Remind yourself, working out is typically not as miserable as we make it in our heads. Tell yourself you’ll start a workout video for 5 minutes. If it’s miserable after 5 minutes, you can turn it off. Chances are you’ll finish it.

Remind yourself, being tired does not equal death. You can do it tired, and that’s okay.

When I’m at a point in my workout that feels hard, I will repeat in my head, “this is hard, but I can do hard things”.

Remind yourself, working out today will make tomorrow’s work out a little easier.

Use thank you strides! When my run starts feeling difficult, I turn off my music and I say “Thank” then “You” with every step. I am typically giving gratitude for the fact I am lucky enough to have the time, space, and ability to workout.

Finally, this one is so powerful to me. When a workout starts to feel uncomfortable, our reaction is often to numb out and disconnect from our body. Take the time to intentionally drop back into your body. Your brain’s intention with the numbing is to stop the pain, but dropping into our body actually lessens the discomfort. It keeps us connected and helps keep your form to avoid injury.

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Hi Sherry,

Sorry for such a late response, I haven't been active on Corespirit in a bit. I would say this process has taken about 5 years to truly, truly integrate. And the thing is, I don't always love my body and I don't always love myself. What is important is that I respect my body and myself. I respect myself because I am always trying and I really like that about myself. I respect my body. because of all the amazing things she does for me.

Rather than trying to love yourself, focus on liking yourself for always doing your best. Your "best" doesn't mean it looks good, it means that given the resources, emotions, fears, thoughts, and information that you had at the time, you acted in the best way you could have at that moment. You don't get to look back on the sweet girl who was doing her best and shame her now that you have more information. That's not fair!

Rather than trying to love your body, work on the belief that your body has anything at all to do with your value. Yes, my thighs could be smaller, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the value I bring as a human. Plus, anyone that was to say "you know I would really like her if only she had less stomach fat" I don't really want in my life anyhow.

Hope that helps :)

Oh thank you so much! Your question actually helped inspire me for a new article. If you're looking for another read I just posted it called "why I do not strive for self-love"

Sherry Turnbull3y ago

You are a very strong woman, Genevieve! Thank you for such motivating words. I have to work hard to accept myself and my body as they are. I hope I will succeed.

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Genevieve Mackenzie
Single focus break through session

Sherry, thank you so much for your comment! I would say it took me about a year of intentional work to really build self value. I still don't strive for self love, I focus on just accepting and really liking myself and my body. For me, it's not all love all the time. I still have bad days. There still are days I wish my body was smaller, but I believe that is so totally normal and okay. I don't believe those things make me any less valuable, and that is what matters :)

Sherry Turnbull3y ago

I have never read such a motivating article… For a long time, I can't accept myself, because I drummed it into my head that Instagram girls are perfect and they don't have any problems. Your article really makes me think. Could you please tell me, how long did it take you to come to the point where you love yourself and your body? Thank you.