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Sherry Turnbull3yHow to be a sup…

I have never read such a motivating article… For a long time, I can't accept myself, because I drummed it into my head that Instagram girls are perfect and they don't have any problems. Your article really makes me think. Could you please tell me, how long did it take you to come to the point where you love yourself and your body? Thank you.


Hi Sherry,

Sorry for such a late response, I haven't been active on Corespirit in a bit. I would say this process has taken about 5 years to truly, truly integrate. And the thing is, I don't always love my body and I don't always love myself. What is important is that I respect my body and myself. I respect myself because I am always trying and I really like that about myself. I respect my body. because of all the amazing things she does for me.

Rather than trying to love yourself, focus on liking yourself for always doing your best. Your "best" doesn't mean it looks good, it means that given the resources, emotions, fears, thoughts, and information that you had at the time, you acted in the best way you could have at that moment. You don't get to look back on the sweet girl who was doing her best and shame her now that you have more information. That's not fair!

Rather than trying to love your body, work on the belief that your body has anything at all to do with your value. Yes, my thighs could be smaller, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the value I bring as a human. Plus, anyone that was to say "you know I would really like her if only she had less stomach fat" I don't really want in my life anyhow.

Hope that helps :)

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