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Why should I care about my emotions?
May 7, 2021

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Psychologists agree, our thoughts control our actions. But what if we were able to observe and interact with our thoughts so we could then control them?

You may not be an ‘emotional person’ but, you still do have emotions, and those emotions affect the way you think, react, and make choices. If you don’t have awareness of your emotions, then they are in control.

By creating a relationship with our emotions, and interacting with them, we can then become the loving controller of our entire life.

We no longer allow fear to stop us, we no longer allow doubt to persuade us. Instead we interact with, and listen to our emotions, but we don’t allow them to take the wheel.

I like to think of myself in a little jeep, and I have all my emotions in there with me. Before I had awareness of my emotions, it was loud, the radio was blasting, and all of my emotions were begging for my attention, and trying to grab the wheel.

With awareness, I am in a much calmer car, all the emotions are still there, but they are sitting peacefully in their seats while I drive. They still get fussy, but I am able to see and understand them. I give them what they need, and they are no longer able to take the wheel from me.

What are areas in your life you want to be different or improve, but you just haven’t? Whether you recognize it or not, there are emotions there that are blocking you.

Our brain only wants us to feel safe, and our brain will sabotage every single last one of our dreams if it means he gets to stay in his comfort zone.

If we aren’t able to witness the brain doing this, we fall victim to it. If we aren’t questioning his actions, that means we are taking them as fact. Most of the time it is not fact at all, it is fear.

Having awareness of your emotions does mean you feel more emotions. But I absolutely believe that is a blessing. Because I am so attuned to my emotions do I feel sadness more than the average person? Yes, but because I am so attuned to my emotions, I also feel joy and happiness far more than the average person.

So while I feel negative emotions more easily, they actually affect me and control me far less.

I like to think of an emotional comfort zone. Sadness doesn’t feel so scary or intimidating anymore because I’ve been able to welcome it, and figure out what it’s all about. I have taken the time to learn about my own sadness.

If being in control of your own life isn’t enough to sell you on formulating a relationship with your emotions, I can also attest to the more physical benefits as well.

My skin is clearer, I get sick far less often, I have more energy, and my body has become far more resilient.

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Amelia Acosta
May 12, 2021

l noticed that my life became much easier after I understood how to control my emotions. For example, now it is not hard as it was for me to meet people.

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