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Shamanic Divination Session

healing session
$75 USD
$75 USD


Using shamanic techniques I will track into possible future outcomes using The Tarot, Angel Oracle Cards and the Plant or Stone oracle.

Target audience

Anyone looking for uplifting messages, guidance and spiritual coaching.


More clarity, feeling uplifted, getting a better sense of your next steps, confirming your own intuition.


A session takes approximately 1 hour, you will receive an intuitive reading with messages.

Other comments

Shamanic divination may provide guidance in times of change or when you are looking for next steps.

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Provided By
Whitehorse, YT, Canada

Ellie Fabra is a Registered Health & Nutrition Counselor,Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher, Spiritual
Life Coach and initiated Master Shamanic Practitioner of the Peruvian Q’uero tradition.

She is a member of The Canadian Association for Natural Nutritional Practitioners, The Canadian Health Coach Alliance
and The Society for Shamanic Practice. Ellie is originally from the Dominican Republic and lives in the forest with her partner in the Yukon Territory, Northern Canada.

She is a graduate of the world renowned Four Winds Society Light Energy Body School with Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos where she continues her studies shamanic energy medicine, advanced functional nutrition and neuroscience.

Other studies include Native American and Mexican-Mayan Shamanism, Womb Healing and Herbalism. She trained to facilitate cacao ceremonies with Juan Pablo Ruiz, Azul Anaité and Keith Wilson (the cacao shaman).

In her earlier life she worked in the corporate world. After recovering from a catastrophic stroke at 36 using nutritional therapy, clean living, and energy medicine, she made it her mission to help others on their healing journey.

As a passionate wellness advocate and gifted energy medicine practitioner, she specializes helping and empowering women. She works with clients of all ages, teaching shamanic wisdom, offering functional nutrition coaching, holding cacao ceremonies and women's circles.

Ellie believes in removing deep-seated trauma imprints from your energy body to allow for healing to take place. When
she is not working with clients, you will find her in the kitchen. She loves cooking nutrient dense, fusion cuisineinspired dishes and going for nature walks

On Core Spirit since March 2023

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