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Seven Chakra opening & Cleansing

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In this session I’ll be doing A chakra opening and cleansing. Due to the fact that the Chakras will be open A cleansing is required to balance. These main seven chakras runs up the center line of the nervous system,up your spine line probably about 2 inches inside your body. They have a front and back and it is as follows first Chakra is the root at the bottom of your spin the foundation of you. This chakra relates to your survival your bills, your house, your job etc. second chakra is the sacral chakra it’s associated with the emotional body, sensuality and Creativity. This chakra forms your deepest connections with sensitivity and passion. The Third chakra is your solar plexus at the bottom of your rib cage. now your fourth chakra your heart chakra, and fifth chakra Throat chakra , the sixth chakra third eye, and lastly the seventh chakra crown chakra. I’ll be using natural healing Stones And a Reiki Corresponded doll to connect with you. everything will be done distantly All I ask is that you get in a relax spot as I begin your chakra opening and cleansing .

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Hello my Name is Robert L Thomas jr and i am A Reiki Master And my lovly Wife Laqualia L Thomas Is Reiki second dagree attuned and together we are realy power amd seeking to help others overcome hardship.Greetings friends me and my wife would love to thank you personally for taking the time to stop by our shop. We are so excited and happy to work with you to bringing healing and comfort.

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On Core Spirit since August 2021

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$75 USD
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$75 USD