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Sacred Anointing Rites of Passage

healing session
$333 USD

Anointing rites of passage have been used for thousands of years as one of the oldest and most traditional use of aromatics, or pure essential oils. The priestesses in ancient Egypt practiced this sacred art in the temples where people would come when they sought to release all the old ways and embark on the most Divine expression of their highest soul’s calling.

This 4 hours in person session will be a deep exploration and release of old programming and conditioning of the body, and a transformation into a great awareness of personal Divinity and embodiment. The anointing session changes the very molecules of the body, and allows for deep release and transformation.

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Allison Stillman is an author, teacher, and transformational life coach helping people to dramatically change their lives.

Allison has been working with thousands of people from around the world with her transformative coaching and has been a guest speaker at conferences, radio and television, helping people to transform their lives!

On Core Spirit since December 2020

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$333 USD
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