Conscious Alchemy Coaching

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$225 USD
$225 USD

What are you looking to manifest in your life?

What dream have you long held sacred and have yet to bring to fruition?

What if there were simple tools that you could adopt to help you uncover the deep sub-conscious programming that keeps you from manifesting all of your hearts desires?

With the Conscious Alchemy Coaching program, we can assist you in discovering and clearing the deepest paradigms and beliefs you borrowed as a child which keep you playing with a certain frequency or vibration, no matter how many times you say, or think, “I want to change my life.”

With Conscious Alchemy Coaching, we’ll work together to identify the limiting belief systems that have controlled you your entire life, and then we’ll co-create the new programming and paradigms to replace the old operating systems, and clear the physiology with aromatic elixirs designed specifically to rewire the brain.

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Allison Stillman is an author, teacher, and transformational life coach helping people to dramatically change their lives.

Allison has been working with thousands of people from around the world with her transformative coaching and has been a guest speaker at conferences, radio and television, helping people to transform their lives!

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Lina2021-04-22 18:18 UTC

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

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