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Reiki Grand Master Level 20 Distance Healing Session

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$35 USD
The Reiki Grand Master 5-20 Levels expand upon the original Reiki system and add new symbols, practices and energetic tools for personal and spiritual growth. Although not part of the original Reiki system, the Reiki Grand Master attunements build upon it. Each level or degree (often called secret degrees due to some of the symbols having being removed from the original system) has a symbol and specific focus area that build upon each other the higher you work up the levels Here’s all of the symbols: •The Great Harmony - Balance and Connection •The Great Separation - Communication and Exchange of Information *Both symbols work together like yin and yang are often inseparable. *Both symbols can also be used for aura cleansing, entity removal, space clearing, communication with those who can’t communicate (coma, embryo, etc...). •The Great Freedom - Aims to help you break free from the things that bind you or hold back (free dependence on others or things). •The Wisdom Symbol - Strengthens the intuition of the master and to increase the strength of the other symbols. Great for meditation! •The Great Peace - Aims to help you find and attain peace. •Anthankarana - Used to provide a connection between mind and Higher Self. It has a positive effect on the chakras and the aura. •The Great Happiness - Assist you in finding true happiness in life. •The Great Hope - Aims to allow you to always see that there is hope in all situations. •The Great Strength - Aims to increase your inner strength and personal power. •The Great Love - Aims to assist you in achieving your true aim in life. It aims to help you focus on the things that are important on your spiritual path, reduce fear and allow you to pass on love. •The Great Teacher - Aims to connect you with your inner knowledge/ teacher and allow you to find the answers you require to achieve your life purpose. •The Great Eye - Aims to let you look and focus inwards at your own power, rather than looking for solutions outside of yourself. •The Great Way - Aims to develop wisdom, spiritual love and compassion. •The Big Revelation -Aims to assist you in getting a better awareness of knowing what will happen or what is coming in the future. Allows you to be aware of what is to come, but also how to prepare for it. •The Great Temple - Aims to act as a door or opening to the heavenly temple. The temple represents a place of pure spirit consciousness. •The Great Wisdom - Aims to assist you in obtaining inner-based wisdom and knowledge. The symbol can be used to assist you in increasing the learnings and knowledge that you may be able to gain from the Great Temple. •The Great Forgiveness - Aims to assist you in clearing your energies with forgiveness. It brings you back to a clean slate energetically. •The Great Gratitude - Aims to assist you in cultivating appreciation and to live a life free of complaint. !!Please read the following disclaimer!! Energy healing systems are not a substitute for medical care. This information is not offered for the purposes of substituting, replacing, or contraindicating sound medical advice or medical care. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical illness. If you have medical concerns you are advised to contact a licensed physician. What I will need from you before the session starts: * -Your name * -Photo of yourself and birth date (optional) * -Any notes on why the session is needed and/or you can request a full healing session (general) .

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I am a certified Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach and a Energy Healer (Reiki Grand Master). At the age of 18, I'd decided to invest in online Spirituality courses that instantly improved my life, healing abilities and psychic channels (5 clairs + Medium and Telepathy). Since then, I’ve been able to successfully give Energy/ Reiki healings and guidance messages that impacted people’s life instantly.

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