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What is Money Reiki? Money Reiki is specifically about money. It’s to help you with your ability to earn and manage money more efficiently, in ways that support your highest good. Money Reiki is less about the manifestation of abundance and more about clearing out negative energy concerning money. Reiki, for those who are not familiar with it, it is a form of hands-on and distance energy healing that generally uses the visualization of symbols as a trigger for the healing energy. Money Reiki tends to open up our chakras for money and gets money flowing, it gives you an idea that will either make you more money or obtain it, or it can give you unexpected money that you weren’t expecting. Of course, there are other factors, but I’ve noticed that those were the three main factors. Don’t use Money Reiki if you can’t understand or follow the following statements: •There are no overnight or instant fixes to money issues, concerns, or problems. •This is not to be used excessively. ( I recommend playing this video for 3 times (21 minutes) a day for a week and then be open to the manifestations and materializations that occur for you! Also, make sure you don’t do any other type of money work (guided-meditations, magick, rituals, sound frequencies, etc.) while using it as you won’t be able to tell what was working for you, what came through, and what didn’t work. ) *I recommend one week per month. Try the first week of each month if you want! •Everyone will not have the same experience! Some may experience all three or only just one. You may even experience other factors than the other factors previously mentioned. •Money Reiki will NOT make you rich, but It can help to release money beliefs/programming and energy blockages around money so that you’ll be able to function much better in the material world. Examples of programming that limits you to have a flow of money: Money is the root of all evil, you have to work hard to make money, money doesn’t grow on trees, you can’t be rich and spiritual, money doesn’t buy happiness, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, not everyone can be rich, save your money for a rainy day. •Money Reiki won’t work efficiently if you’ve been experiencing a long period of Misfortune, Bad Luck, and Bad Karma. It also won’t work as well if you’re obsessive, lustful, and/or desperate for money. You are free to try the healing, but be sure not to set your expectations high as you would need to work with a Root Worker, Healer, or Magick Practitioner to clear the obstacles for you. Luckily for you😉, I provide all of those services for people that need them as I’ve already experienced this phase in my life. Be sure to visit my profile to book healing(s), reading(s), and consultations with me. Reiki System created by Stephanie Brail

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I am a certified Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach and a Energy Healer (Reiki Grand Master). At the age of 18, I'd decided to invest in online Spirituality courses that instantly improved my life, healing abilities and psychic channels (5 clairs + Medium and Telepathy). Since then, I’ve been able to successfully give Energy/ Reiki healings and guidance messages that impacted people’s life instantly.

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