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Pleiadian Energy Activation

healing session
English, Espanol
$75 USD

Tamá Taié is a Pleiadian system that through vibration, frequency, and energy, leads to a state of peace that is perceivable from the first moment, helping the participant to recognize their own energy handling and its essence as frequency channels.

I will work individually with you, providing a session of approximately 45 minutes via Zoom, where we will make the activation through a structure composed of crystal quartz, water, and channeled Pleiadian symbology, that will help you anchor higher frequencies to your body.

Quartz are natural energy conductors on earth, specifically crystal quartz; the Pleiadians say: "They are perfect for anchoring and conducting frequencies in an activation energy therapy. And if we combine them with high-frequency geometry and symbology; we will have a very effective technique".

The Pleiadian symbology I will use will fulfill the role of opening the energy vortex, anchoring the Pleiadian frequency in your body.

We will work on what you want to activate or improve in your current situation, it could be stress relief, focus, consciousness expansion, or just finding the answer to a deep question. I will send you a list of steps to prepare yoursef prior to our session and at the end; a short report of the findings that usually include a personal message from my guides, you will love it :).

I look forward to working with you and assisting you on your path.

Nrtza Vveik.

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Hi! I'm Nrtza Vveik (my stellar name). I have been an intuitive therapist for years and more recently, certified in Hypnotherapy and Pleiadian Activation Technique. The Pleiadian activation technique works through crystals, sacred geometry, and high-vibration language to restore the energetic field of the body.

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2023


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$75 USD
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