Past life regression

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$99 USD
$99 USD


In this session you will get answers, who you were been before this life time. Where you lived, what was been your occupation, who you were been connected with. In session I will provide you informations also about people who are now arround you and how you were been connected in past lifes.

Target audience

For everyone, who wants to know about their past lifes.


When you know who you were been before, with who you were been connected, what you did in the past lifes, it is much easier to understand, why some things are happening in our lifes now. We all need to pay some karma dues in this life time.


During the session you will get to know your soul better. You will realize who you really are. What your soul wants from you in this life time, based on life times before.


You need to be just relax and calm down. And have no expectations.

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In 2011 I need healing and lady who did this to me opened my channels to my guidance. I became clairvoyant and healer. I also got access to akashi records. I can see past lifes. I am doing healings with Gods power. I am also Law of Attraction teacher, long distance runner. I finished 24 hours cycling as my ultra achievement. One of my guidance is Nostradamus. World famous prophecier and healer.

10 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2023
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