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Past life regression

English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
$99 USD
$99 USD


In this session you will get answers, who you were been before this life time. Where you lived, what was been your occupation, who you were been connected with. In session I will provide you informations also about people who are now arround you and how you were been connected in past lifes.

Target audience

For everyone, who wants to know about their past lifes.


When you know who you were been before, with who you were been connected, what you did in the past lifes, it is much easier to understand, why some things are happening in our lifes now. We all need to pay some karma dues in this life time.


During the session you will get to know your soul better. You will realize who you really are. What your soul wants from you in this life time, based on life times before.


You need to be just relax and calm down. And have no expectations.

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Starše, 2205 Starše, Slovenia

In 2011 I need healing and lady who did this to me opened my channels to my guidance. I became clairvoyant and healer. I also got access to akashi records. I can see past lifes. I am doing healings with Gods power. I am also Law of Attraction teacher, long distance runner. I finished 24 hours cycling as my ultra achievement. One of my guidance is Nostradamus. World famous prophecier and healer.

On Core Spirit since January 2023

Does chanting works?

Does chanting woks?

I heard about chanting in 2017. At that time my fiance was looking for some techniques how to attract more money, how to increase vibes for becoming money magnet. She found one simple one. First we decide that we will write down that mantra for 108 times per day. Then at least for me was been easier to start chanting.
I invented my own way of counting. 108 times is easy to devide by 4. We get 27. Now we need to figure out how to count till 27. So here was been my solution.
Imagine tic tac toe.
We have 3 lines with 3 columns. 3 x 3 is 9. And 9 x 3 is 27. So how to count:
First when you close your eyes you go with your attention to left uper corner. You chant there 3 times. Then you move to center in uper line. There you chant again 3 times. Then you move to right uper corner. And chant again 3 times. So in first line we chant 9 times.
Then we move to middle row. We repeat chanting.
Then we move to lowest row. And again. From left to right.
So till now we already have 27 repeats. What is next.
In second round I "turn around" tic tac toe. What this means:
I started again in left uper corner. Then I moved down. So left center row and then left lower row.
Next was been moving to center. Center uper line, center middle row and center lower row.
And to right. Right uper row. Right middle row. Right lower row.
If you do that, you have again 27 repeats. We are now on half. 27 + 27 = 54.
What next?
Just repeat this procedure again. 54 * 2 = 108.

But off course this can be tricky. When we imagine where we are in chanting, then we put attention where we are. Instead that we willl put attention on chanting. So we (me and my fiance) bought mala. This is chain with 108 beads. So you do not need to count for yourself, but you just move with your finger one bead after another.

So as I meantion we started to chant mantra for attracting money in 2017. In like 2, 3 months there were been first good resoults. At the time that we started chanting we didn't have any fix income. After 2 months my fiance found some internet pages, where I started to work as a psychic. That bring us clients and money. Money started to flow to us. But this was not been end of resoult.
We continue to chant and miracles started to happen to us in finanial field. I got clients from all around the globe and they were been so happy that they meet me. So one after another invite me to their places. Off course we couldn't go to all of them. But some of them we or just I visit.
There was been one client who invited me and my family to her place. She gave us her appartment for use and we spend there 4 days. In city center. If we will need to pay for this appartment you can imagine that we will pay a lot of money.
Then one other client invite us to his place. At the end he decided to pay us appartment in city center (he lived away from city center and it was been more easy for us to stay at this rented appartment). He payed us 8 days for staying in appartment in city center.
And one other client arrange me to meet family in India. This family paid me hotel and drove me around all week. I didn't need to spend any money. Then I moved to another city in India and some other family hosted me there. Again. No need to pay for accomodation. Family where I stayed took me around. They were driving me like 1500 miles all together. No need to pay for gas at all. And then father of that family gave me money. I was shocked. I said:
"I should give you money. Not you to me. I am here guest." And then he said to me:
"You saved my son. This is something small that we can give you back."
I did help his son a lot before that. And they were really appriciate that.

The big final of our chanting (till now) is really huge thing. When this happened, we were been shocked (when I say we, I mean me and my fiance).
So I have a family. I have dauther and son. And now we are waiting for another girl. Since 2016 we were living in small appartment. And in 2020 we told my parents and my brother that we will need to move to something bigger. They agreed. So we started to search for bigger appartment. At christmas time 2020 my fiance asked God/Universe for a house. She didn't tell me that. I didn't search for nothing. This was been my fiance "job". Between January and April there were been some interesting appartments, but nothing was been perfect for us. Then in April 2021 my brother called me, that his co-worker will sell house. He told me location. It was nice location. We went to see it. It was been not so old house (build in 1993). Price was been really good. Problem was been, that we didn't have any savings with my family. So I said to my father and brother:
"Because of pandemic, we do not have any savings. We can not afford this house. But if you would help us buy it, we will appriciate that a lot."
My brother and my father agreed and they bought us house. We payed only for furniture for my dauther room. So all investment in house was been 150 EUR. Imagine getting a house worth 165k EUR. And you pay only 130 EUR. Bingo.

When we moved into a house, then my fiance told me, that she asked for a house. And this house find the way towards us. It was been pure manifestation. And pure proof, that mantra, that we chant works.
This mantra is mantra for prosperity. For money attraction. For financial growth. And I can say that we are living proof, that this mantra works.

Because I want to help you (who read this article now) and all other with help, I will organize EVERY DAY group chanting. I will chant 3 mantras. One mantra is for removing obstacles. Then another mantra is for miracles and one for money attraction. The last one is the one, that we chant now for last 6 years. I added first two mantras on my list, because I chant them last year. Events will be every day for 30 minutes. In this half an hour I will chant 3 mantras. You can just listen this 3 mantras. Or you can repeat after me. The price of this events will be lowest possible. It will be 1 dolar per session. Which is something that everyone can afford.

So if you want answer on main question: does chanting works?
My answer is: Yes it is working.

Join me in my events every day, where we will chant together and we will put our vibes higher and higher. I want that all of you became money magnet.

Love and blessings

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Target audience

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15 minutes: this is not a full session, but only one small sidebar to a comprehensive consultation.

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