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Guidance chanting for eliminating obstacles, for money attraction and prosperity. Chanting is one way of reprograming ourselfs. While chant we put our vibration higher. And we prepare our soul, our body to open to different areas. I will guidance you to open yourself to money flow and prosperity.

Target audience

For people who wants to change their believes about money and prosperity. And for those, who want to start to attract money.


Your vibes towards money will grow. You will slowly became money magnet.


During the event you will listen my chanting. It is also good, to chant for yourself. So just repeat the words after me.


Find perfect spot, where you will have peace and where you will feel comfortable. You need to be somewhere, where people will not disturb you.

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In 2011 I need healing and lady who did this to me opened my channels to my guidance. I became clairvoyant and healer. I also got access to akashi records. I can see past lifes. I am doing healings with Gods power. I am also Law of Attraction teacher, long distance runner. I finished 24 hours cycling as my ultra achievement. One of my guidance is Nostradamus. World famous prophecier and healer.

10 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2023
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