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One to one Online session

coaching session
$110 USD

Many of my clients are currently shielding, or want to work with me, but don’t live near enough to come to me in person.
I offer online individual sessions, where we work together to help you work out movement patterns that are holding you back, or causing you pain.
For more information, get in touch.

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I bring my kindness, intelligence, and patience to work with clients, starting from where they are. We work together to explore the possibilities to improve the way you move.

I have successfully worked with many clients to find new ways of moving, feeling and being, to enable them to move with less pain, and do what they want more easily.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2020

2 min.
Feldenkrais method
May 20 2021
Include more, do less

This last few years, I have been working with a few people individually thinking about RSI, and other injuries and wanted to share a little of my thinking around this.

Often we put too much effort into the task we’re doing, rather than thinking about how…

Emma Alter
3 min.
Feldenkrais method
Mar 18 2021
Spring Clean your Habits!

Now that Spring is here, why not shake out the blankets of your habit cupboard!

We all have habits, they allow us to make short-cuts- to put your clothes on without thinking, or whilst thinking about something, to doing two things at once, drive whilst t…

Emma Alter
6 min.
Feldenkrais method
Jan 28 2021
Micro-movements: Finding Movement in Stillness

Whilst my concert dress has stayed sadly in its wardrobe other than a brief outing in April, I did have one trip of fascination. Just before this second Lockdown I was invited to Sandhurst to teach some Feldenkrais to the British Army, to their Brass Band…

Emma Alter
3 min.
Oct 12 2020
Feldenkrais and Arms

This post will have extra resonance if you’re a singer, musician or performer, but we all use our arms, hand and fingers, so also relevant to all of us!

When we play or sing, one’s fingers and the instrument, the notes, the sound all come into the foregr…

Emma Alter
2 min.
Sep 24 2020
Comfort at your Computer

In these past few months, many of us have been spending a lot more time in front of our computer screens: whether conference calling for business or pleasure, teaching on screen, or spending more leisure time inside our four walls.

When we work at a comp…

Emma Alter
2 min.
Sep 22 2020
Changing Habits

Much of Feldenkrais’s thinking was that if we change the way people move, we also change the way that they think. And that’s very much part of the process when we start to work with Feldenkrais.

Many of our habits are learnt via a reward-based process, o…

Emma Alter

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Emma Alter
Sep 11, 2021

Hi Veronica it's a Feldenkrais Method practice- I teach somatic movement, and awareness - in this brilliant learning method- which helps use and organise ourselves better : more efficiently and effectively. If you'd like to chat about what you're looking for, do get in touch.

Veronica Kee
Mar 23, 2021

Hi:) Sounds interesting! What kind of practice is this?

$110 USD
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