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One-On-One Customized Healing Plan

$10 USD

The power of your healing is designed by you. I believe that everyone is different, people heal in all different kinds of ways, for all different kinds reasons and that being open to those paths is vital to change. I present you with possible options for healings and you tell me which ones that you are interested in. You let me know your time frame and how you would like to spend your feeling time. We then embark on your journey for however long you need me, you stop when you are ready to. If, after your consultaiton we feel that it is a good fit then we continue on to your journey making sure that you are on track towards unlocking your best self and best life.

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Tara Jones studied Sociology at the University of California Santa Cruz 2010. She has certifications for areas of Psychology through Yale and Weslyn.. She has a background in Past Life Regressions and Tarot. She currently runs classes for Chakra Meditation, Grounding Meditations, Chi Activation, Energy Boundary Technique, Abundance Excerices, Manifesting and Spirit Guide Work.

1 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2022

Spiritual Healing
$10 USD
healing session
Maintaining your Personal Energy Boundaries

I help you to establish your personal space, enfuse your own energy, cast out negative and foreign energies that hinder your authentic self and maintain healthy energetic boundaries in others.

Tara Jones
Spirit Guides
$10 USD
healing session
Spirit Guide Connection

I help you to develop and strengthen your sense of spiritual connection, awaken and clear your third eye and devlop a relationship with your spirit guides to be shown a clear path to your best self, and best life.

Tara Jones
Shamanic Healing
$10 USD
healing session
Energy Activation

I will go over some techniques to get you to activate your chi, remove foreign and dark energies away from your body and connect with better personal energy.

Tara Jones
Guided Meditation
$10 USD
healing session
Grounding Excerices

Grounding Excerises help to ground your energy into the present moment. It teaches you mindful awareness and about how to sit in your energy better. It helps to teach you what to do when you want to heal and what to do when the healing it too intense and …

Tara Jones
Chakra Balancing
$10 USD
healing session
Chakra Meditation and Activation

I can help you to activate, balance and remove blockages from your Chakras. Each Chakra represents specific ideas and areas of your life. When they are blocked you are not in good flow and can become unbalanced in life. Chakra activation and alignment hel…

Tara Jones

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