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Grounding Excerices

healing session
$10 USD
$10 USD

Grounding Excerises help to ground your energy into the present moment. It teaches you mindful awareness and about how to sit in your energy better. It helps to teach you what to do when you want to heal and what to do when the healing it too intense and you need a break. It also helps you to learn how to ground and heal others and your space from a distance.

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San Francisco, CA, USA

Thara Wild Majored in Sociology and studied Philosophy at the University of California, Santa Cruz( 2010.) She earned online certifications for areas of Psychology through Yale University and Abnormal Psychology Wesleyan Private College (2021). She first studied under apprenticeship in EMDR Trauma Therapy (2006) and RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy for Emotional Control (2004). She has gained spiritual skills and knowledge from her travels around South America (2007) and rural Europe.(2016) and through-out 16 countries world-wide with continued influence of many divisions, religions and non-denominational representatives and communities. She partook as a surveying student at HMI ( Hypnosis Institute ) in Tarzana, CA. (2012). She volunteered as a Guided Hypnosis Healer, emphasis in Trauma recovery and Past Life Regression. ( 2012-2014) Upon good cause and referral was an Omnist practitioner, emphasis in Spiritual Defense and Transmutation . (2012-2014). She studied three major realms of metaphysical craft and "lesser arcana" and knowledge under Tito Ferdinand, Life Coach and Metaphysical Worker. (2014) Dream Interpretation Course ,Sacred Grove, metaphysical shop . Santa Cruz, CA. (2014) She attended online classes for metaphysical work in RTT with Marissa Peer and Jeffrey Alan through Mindvalley. (2022) She ran donation only classes in Chakra Meditation, Energy Healing, Grounding Meditations, Chi Activation, Energy Boundary Technique And Trauma/Life healing. RTT for Emotional repair and Trauma control. (2021-2022). She is grateful for her wisdom gained through *Against the Stream *Dharma Punx and many spirituals world-wide. She sells tapes for self healing in Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Childhood Trauma and Child development. Preference for Jungian Psychology and interpretations. She offers free pre-recorded videos in Comparative Religion, breathing work, grounding practice, spiritual meditation and guided relaxation technique. Available upon request. Roma. Active rebel . Healer. Remote work offers only please.

On Core Spirit since March 2022

Spiritual Healing
Thara Wild
May 26, 2024, 06:00
One-On-One Customized Healing Plan

The power of your healing is designed by you. I believe that everyone is different, people heal in all different kinds of ways, for all different kinds reasons and that being open to those paths is vital to change. I present you with possible options for healings and you tell me which ones that you are interested in. You let me know your time frame and how you would like to spend your feeling time. We then embark on your journey for however long you need me, you stop when you are ready to. If, after your consultaiton we feel that it is a good fit then we continue on to your journey making sure that you are on track towards unlocking your best self and best life.

Spiritual Healing
Thara Wild
May 26, 2024, 06:00
Maintaining your Personal Energy Boundaries

I help you to establish your personal space, enfuse your own energy, cast out negative and foreign energies that hinder your authentic self and maintain healthy energetic boundaries in others.

Shamanic Healing
Thara Wild
May 26, 2024, 06:00
Energy Activation

I will go over some techniques to get you to activate your chi, remove foreign and dark energies away from your body and connect with better personal energy.

Guided Meditation
Thara Wild
May 26, 2024, 06:00
Grounding Excerices

Grounding Excerises help to ground your energy into the present moment. It teaches you mindful awareness and about how to sit in your energy better. It helps to teach you what to do when you want to heal and what to do when the healing it too intense and you need a break. It also helps you to learn how to ground and heal others and your space from a distance.

Chakra Balancing
Thara Wild
May 26, 2024, 06:00
Chakra Meditation and Activation

I can help you to activate, balance and remove blockages from your Chakras. Each Chakra represents specific ideas and areas of your life. When they are blocked you are not in good flow and can become unbalanced in life. Chakra activation and alignment helps you to have a better quality of life in more areas.

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May 27, 2024, 11:00
Egyptian Sekhmet Healing REIKI Session


Welcome to my Vegan Oasis 🪷
I'm a Holistic Health Coach, a Raw Food Nutritionist, a Vegan Nutrition Coach, and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. I'm coaching people to go vegan or raw vegan. My holistic approach healed people even from serious diseases. I create meal plans for people from all over the world. I'm working with health professionals as well such as coaches, doctors nutritionists, detox retreats, and wellness hotels.
I'm obsessed with holistic healing, I did my studies in the US, UK, and Mexico. I learned Sekhmet Reiki in Egypt from one

This form of Reiki is based in Egypt and is considered the extension of healing and well-being from the **Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. **

The main principle of this form of Reiki is to promote positivity and build** a stronger sense of spirituality **through the opening of chakras and delivering a strong light or **healing power. **

The effects are powerful, and many people report the effects of just one session lasting for more than several days.

The treatment focuses on** healing, emotionally **and mentally, from situations that cause grieving or other stressful scenarios, including marital breakdown, loss of employment, and other difficult experiences in life.


  • Fast physical, spiritual, and emotional healing
  • Assists in the manifestation of goals
  • A stronger sense of inner peace and acceptance.
  • Increases your self-awareness and your relationships with your relationships, love, family, friends, or coworkers.
  • Increases your feeling of being alive
  • It helps accelerate your spiritual growth and communication with your Higher Self


The duration of the Reiki healing session is 30 minutes and an additional 15 minute Chakra alignment


Bring some music that you find relaxing to you.
Go to the bathroom before the session so that you can lie down
comfortably without the distraction of feeling the need to go to the toilet.
You can place gemstones and crystals on your body or around you. Trust that you will receive exactly what you need at that moment.
Use your favorite essential oil. Essential oils can raise our vibration and open the chakras for further healing.
You can clear your space with sage.

Other comments

About Sekhmet
Sekhem (or Sekhmet) is an ancient Egyptian word that means “Universal Energy or Power”, roughly translated as “Power of Powers”. Sekhem in Egyptian hieroglyphs is symbolized by the scepter, and it represents the connection between Heaven and Earth.

...There are no other known energy systems that can compare with the high vibrational energy of Sekhem, nor does any other energy work at a deeper soul level. It also allows you to heal, and it helps your personality and spirituality, so you can find your soul’s purpose and unlock your full potential.

SEKHMET” was regarded as the Goddess of Healing, Protection, and Destruction of Illness.
For the Egyptians, magic was a normal part of everyday life. It was used in very formal religious rituals and was considered an integral part of medicine at all levels.

The traditional number of sessions is four. This tends to give you enough time to evaluate the benefits, if any, you are receiving.
When you are facing a serious illness, most people would suggest a series of four sessions completed in less than one week.

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Emotional Freedom Technique
Patricia Vasconcelos
May 28, 2024, 14:00
30 Minute Free Info Session - Online via ZOOM

Looking to get some information on what a Conscious EFT Session looks like? Or looking to join a group Breathwork Session?

Book a free info session and I can answer all of the questions.

By registered users: 61
Emotional Stress Release
Chloe Mepham
May 27, 2024, 09:00
Mindset Meeting

Work towards improving emotional intelligence and stress management with a Certified Life Coach.

Learn to take back control of your emotions to achieve your potential. Don't let your emotions control you.

Achieve beyond your expectations!

By registered users: 30
Body and Emotion Code
Ted Kostek
May 27, 2024, 13:00
Jacksonville, FL, USA
The Emotion Code and The Body Code

The Emotion Code is a technique which uses kinesiology to release trapped emotions which are negatively impacting a person’s life. Trapped emotions can lead to health problems, both physical and mental. By releasing them, one can move on in life or find it much more manageable.
The Body Code helps to discover underlying reasons for health problems. Everything in the body is connected. With the Body Code, these connections are revealed, leading to solutions to health issues.

By registered users: 50
Brent Bruning
May 27, 2024, 07:00
Hand Analysis - Startup Session

In 30 minutes, I answer any questions that you might have about yourself and tell you your core personality archetype. I'll analyze your hands, share your life pattern to you in 1-1 session

By registered users: 20
Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
May 26, 2024, 08:00
5-Day Yoga Challenge

Are you looking to kickstart daily Iyengar Yoga practice that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized? Join me for this 5-Day Yoga Challenge. Each day for five days I will send a brand new Yoga practice(30 minutes duration) directly to your inbox.

This challenge is designed for all levels, from the Yoga newbies to the seasoned Yogis looking to re-inspire their practice. Get ready for long holds in classic Yoga postures that will help you reset and release tension from head to toe.

We all are getting a big serving of stress, anxiety and uncertainty every day. A regular practice of Yoga prepares you to handle the stresses of life with ease. You learn how to release stress so it does not accumulate and create dis-ease.

This is your golden opportunity to setup a consistent daily practice. Do not miss out! Best part of all, it is just $10.

Day 1: Tech Neck/Shoulders and Wrists stretching
Overview: Start things out nice and easy, get your blood flowing, play around with simple poses to relieve tension and tightness in the neck, shoulders and wrists.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 2: Hamstrings stretching
Overview: Work into some traditional poses and loosen up hamstrings to help prevent back pain, knee pain, and foot pain and rediscover freedom in movement.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 3: Core strengthening
Overview: Turn up the heat and build strength in the core which is really the center of all movements. A strong core provides better balance and better posture.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 4: Heart opening
Overview: Stretch and strengthen the spine to help keep the back strong and mobile. These backbending/chest opening poses affect not just the physical structure of the chest where the heart resides, but the energetic and emotional capacity (love, compassion, acceptance, gratitude).
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 5: Hip opening
Overview: Release tight hips for better posture and to reverse the effects of constant sitting and facilitate the movement of stagnant energy throughout the body.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Sign up and I will send you the details.

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Oracle Cards Reading
Lisa Yoder
May 27, 2024, 14:00
Oracle Card Reading

Set your intention and join me for a 10-15 minute session. During our time together I will pull a card from The Starseed Oracle deck for you. This card pull is intented to help you receive the messages you are meant to hear.

By registered users: 18
Tarot Reading
Jeremiah Gabriel Moultrie
May 27, 2024, 14:00
Spiritual Readings | Shadow Work, Life Purpose, Pathway, Love, General, Health

Here are the different types of readings I offer (very brief):

Shadow Work:
A Shadow Work Reading is by far one of the most intense readings that are out there because it's supposed to be focus on YOU. We directly focus on why you have self-defeating thoughts, self-doubt, no boundaries, no self-love, etc. We will focus on what you need to let go of and what you need to incorporate into your life. This reading can and will trigger your ego. When you know what constantly triggers you this allows you to heal them and remove them for good. The true purpose of this reading is to make you aware so you can let go of what doesn't serve you and what isn't in alignment with you anymore.

You can ask questions like these:
•How do I integrate my shadow into my life (this provides a balance)?
•What does my shadow wants to bring to the surface to heal?
•What do I need to do to support myself as I come out of my shadow?
•What am I ignoring?
•What are things I’m needing to surrender to?

Life Purpose:
A Life Purpose Reading helps you to discover your true life's purpose. This reading will give you the type of clarity you seek to have in your life now. This gives you the chance to finally figure out what you're meant to do in this lifetime!

You can ask questions like these:
-What do I need to do to get onto my life purpose path?
-What healing or energies need to be addressed before this life purpose path can transpire?
-What can I look forward to after going down my life purpose path?

A Pathway Psychic Reading is an excellent way to read a line of energy when you are considering a decision with a partner, friendship, career, workplace, or group (basically anything). Please keep in mind these outcomes are not answers, but only guidance as to what energies you can expect with each. I guess you could call it a "decision" spread.

Here are questions you could ask:
•What outcome is most likely with option A?
•What outcome is most likely with option B?
•If I continue down this path, What lies ahead?

General Reading:
A General Reading is great for what you need to know right now! This is a great option if you don’t have any questions in mind and you’re just wanting to see what is currently for you.

Here are some questions you can ask:
-What do I need to know right now?
-What messages do my guides and angels currently have for me?

Disclaimer: All Spiritual Readings will not Force you to follow a particular course of action, or attempt to exert any form of control over your free will and common sense. Any decisions made, or actions taken by you as a result of your Reading is your sole responsibility and has not been forced upon you, by me. I will not be held legally responsible for the same. It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of the above that a Spiritual Reading can be permitted. Neither can I assume any legal liability for any damages or alleged damages, losses, or other direct or indirect consequences of any client decisions/actions, subsequent to, or based on my Reading. Your participation in this Reading is subject to the above terms and understanding and is solely at your own risk.
Thank you for understanding.

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