Natal chart consultation

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This service is a 15 min discussion about your birth chart. You will be provided a copy of your natal chart and breif description if your Sun,Moon, and rising placements. You may ask any question youd like to know for further analysis.

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I began my journey with spiritual healing 4 years ago. I was able to expand my spiritual knowledge through healing practices, mentoring, meditation, and many life changing experiences. I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and wisdom with you as you embark on your own spiritual journey discovering your true purpose. I offer card readings, spiritual mentoring, and guidance.

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Natal Astrology
$75 USD
Natal Chart Readings

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the planetary arrangements in the sky the moment you were born. Much like an individual fingerprint, your birth chart is a unique blueprint of your life revealing information on your life path, your talents, skills, and motivations. This provides a great deal of insight on your individual energy and drive as well as an opportunity to make decisions to plan, even through challenging times.

You are more than your sun sign. Astrology through your birth chart provides detailed insight into your character giving you more than the concept of your birth sign in a horoscope. Though, your Sun sign presents your identity and life purpose, you also harness energy of other planetary alignments as well as all parts of the zodiac. The unique arrangement of your birth chart provides those aspects of planets and how you experience challenges, changes, and shifts within your life.

You are an individual spirit with free will to express your being. Understanding your birth chart gives you the potential to see detailed aspects of your experiences, through the interpretation of each planet and the energy it expresses.

If you would like a personal birth chart reading please Have your Birth date, Location, and time. If you do not have the exact time, your chart may have slight characteristics that will challenge the placements that are present and will not be accurate as it should.

Your reading will provide an alternate view of the energy you present to the world. Astrology does not predict the future, only guidance through self-knowledge and reflection and in all aspects of life showing you a way to navigate through challenging times through each chapter of life.

Bri Ariel
Oracle Cards Reading
$50 USD
healing session
Oracle And Spiritual Readings

Your spiritual journey can be a wild adventure with many paths. I provide messages from spirit to help guide you on your spiritual journey to your highest self.

Bri Ariel
Tarot Reading
$50 USD
healing session
Tarot Card readings

My readings allow spirit to channel through messages, interpreting cards based on any specific questions you may need guidance in areas in your life; Love, life, health, family, career etc.

Bri Ariel

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