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Awakening; The Dark Night of the Soul

Dec 12, 2020
Reading time 3 min.

The journey into the mind is a powerful experience. We all seem to be lost souls here from a different dimension that allow dark forces to manipulate our minds daily. It’s an incredible journey when you break free and allow yourself to trust what is happening to be the right choice no matter what. Despite all of the experiences you have been through and the choices you’ve made, you come out as a rising phoenix. You are not I, you are everything.

So, what does a transformative awakening feel like? I feels like you are separating yourself with all you ever knew to exist. You begin to question everything all while experiencing an energetic download of all that just is. It is like you know what is coming before it presents itself, you hear frequency on a completely different level. You see people for who they are and experiences seem less authentic or with some the energy is magnified.

You see, we have a choice every single day. To choose the moment where we take everything we have ever been taught, all we have experienced in life and we see it for what it is or we go back into a slumber dreaming of everyone else’s dreams for you. The energy you will feel is so powerful and intense your body will feel sick, your mind will seem clouded, thoughts will be loud, emotions will be raw and vulnerable, things will feel uncomfortable and you will feel so very different from world as you fight the veil that has cloaked your consciousness. This is a wake up of a deep slumber to see how different you truly are from what you have been taught your entire life. When that moment sparks, it will call you loud and clear in more ways than you can imagine and its possible you may not be ready.

Each shift is more powerful than the other and the intensity of your transformation can be painful and emotionally draining if you do not prepare yourself. It can also feel like a beautiful experience finally seeing the love and beauty in everything you ever imagined. Your vision of true purpose will reveal little by little and your mind will no longer be clouded.

The experience will overwhelm your open mind to see the truth. You might think its not fair or you may think its too good to be true. Whatever the feeling you are allowed to experience it. And the only way to learn in life is to ask questions of what you don’t know. If you live in fear asking questions to find your purpose you will assume what society feeds you. Quiet the mind and go within.

There are a few key things in timing of a transformation, when you begin noticing certain things on repeat like repetitive numbers (999,555,1223,etc.), people that arrive just before your shift; the soul mates of your life that help you shift into your transformation, significant changes will happen and setbacks are often the biggest signs to look at the whole picture and answer to the deepest depths of our soul. As above, so below, and if you’re not ready to face your demons, this cycle will continue as habit until you truly dive deep into the underworld where the shadow of your conscious mind prays you come play.

To truly listen to your intuition allow the changes to happen, they are meant to. Silence the mind of all the demons you have been battling, those with lust, anger, greed, addiction and trust issues are not with others, they are with yourself. The shadow side of you are the parts of yourself you’ve neglected. Give yourself time to heal from those wounds. That pain and struggle you feel with uncomfortable and unstable emotion is truly a mirror to your soul to see what needs to be healed.

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