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Mindfulness works in the changing of patterns by noticing the connections inside of us, our thoughts, body sensations and emotions.

This noticing should be with a look of not judgement, to see the reality and open space to new options

About the courses:

Mindfulness based Stress Redution:

Session plan:
Session 1 - Introduction to Mindfulness
Session 2 - Expectations and / or Judgments
Session 3 - Mindfulness of the Body and Breathing
Session 4 - External and Internal Stress Factors
Session 5 - Response instead of reactivity
Session 6 - Mindfulness in Relationships
Intensive Day - Connection with inner Essence
Session 7 - Mindfulness in everyday life
Session 8 - Maintaining Mindfulness

Finding Peace in a Frantic World:

1st session - Turn off the Autopilot
2nd session - Having the Body in Mind
3rd session - The Mouse in the Labyrinth
4th session - Overcoming Rumors
5th session - Facing Difficulties
6th session - Stuck in the Past or Living the Present
7th session - When did you stop dancing
8th session - Your precious and wildlife

I am qualified by the University of San Diego to teach the Mindfulness Based Stress Redution course and by the University of Oxford to teach the course “Finding Peace in a Frantic World”.

More informations, please contact.

Take care of you!

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Mindfulness is a way of living, a path to acquiring freedom and resources to regulate our daily life emotions.

The change in behavioral patterns and the increase in consciousness are for me the biggest challenges of the human being, which can only be reached with the training of the mind, to gain access to the inner wisdom.


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Sam Jones
Apr 15, 2021

Hi! I want to increase the level of my concentration. Usually, I can’t focus on a certain task for a long time, and during work, I often switch my focus on my phone or others not related to the work thoughts. I’ve read in an article that you should learn to clear your mind before starting to improve your concentration. Nevertheless, I don’t understand how to stay focus and clear my mind. It’s important for me, and I want to increase my productivity. Can you give me some tips, please? Will your course help with my problem?

$350 USD
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$350 USD