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A path search course, based on Mindfulness and Coaching.

I decided to build this course in 2017 after a transition process that I did when I left an internationally renowned banking institution to be an independent Mindfulness professional.

This change was made consciously, so I decided to pass on to others the learning I had, so that I could help others find their way.

The course has four phases, first we work on “where am I”, then “where I go”, then on to the most intense phase where the action is “how to get ther”, and finally, “what now?”

What themes / subjects will I introduce in the course: • Reflection and awareness practices (coaching) • Practices of inner encounter, serenity, mindfulness, mental training and spirituality (Mindfulness) • Wheel of Life, Values, Life Purpose, Beliefs, gifts and Talents, Character Strengths, Self Esteem. • Others that may make sense to include.

Session plan:

1st Phase: “Who am I?” 1. Analysis of life: dreams and path taken 2. Photography of life in all areas 3. Reflections on one’s personality and values 4. Astrology - Astral Chart 5. Life Purpose - IKIGAI

2nd Phase: “Where I am going?” 6. Work in one area of life 7. Action plan

3rd Phase: “How do I get there?” 8. Action & obstacles plan - beliefs and fears 9. Action & obstacles plan - productivity 10. Action & Forces Plan - Character Forces 11. Action & Strengths Plan - Gifts and Talents

4th Phase: “And now?” 1. Structure - Mindfulness

The sessions have a duration between 60 to 75 min, and in all of them we will have Mindfulness.

The course follows a movement against the north with much reflection, taking action until reaching awareness of the movements of any change.

The sessions took place in an environment of security, confidentiality, harmony, compassion, respect, commitment and ethics.

Take care, António

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Mindfulness is a way of living, a path to acquiring freedom and resources to regulate our daily life emotions.

The change in behavioral patterns and the increase in consciousness are for me the biggest challenges of the human being, which can only be reached with the training of the mind, to gain access to the inner wisdom.


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Irene Hudson
Jun 7, 2021

Your course description sounds amazing! Will it help me gain control of my emotions, improve my well-being, and get on the right path? Thank you in advance for your answer!

$1700 USD
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$1700 USD