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Mind Calm Meditation Coaching. 3 week course.

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Are you feeling stressed, anxious, have non stop mind chatter, difficulty in sleeping, health conditions or just a general desire to experience inner peace?

Mind Calm Meditation provides practical, easy to use techniques helping you let go of the constant chatter in your mind, gain more clarity, worry less, sleep better, heal faster, live more in the present moment and feel more confident and content.
It is simple and easy to use with your eyes open and closed.

Once you learn the Mind Calm technique you have it for life, there are no strict rules, funny sitting positions and you don't have to go tho the other side of the world to find inner stillness.

As a Mind Calm coach I can show you how to have a relationship with your mind, without having to change, fix or improve it.

You will learn techniques to use whilst on the go, at work, in a business meeting, stuck in a traffic jam, at home with the kids, that will enable you to access that inner peace, the calm within.

Placing your focus on your inner calm, you are able to deal with the outside chaos and will be amazed at how still your mind can be and how life changing mind calm meditation techniques are.

Mind Calm was created by Sandy Newbigging, a modern day monk.

During the course you will.

  1. Discover the 5 hidden causes of a busy mind and why we think so much.
  2. Learn the 3 step Mind Calm Meditation technique.
  3. Practice the meditation technique.
  4. Learn some extra Mind Calm games to help you become more aware and
    experience calm.
  5. Learn about common meditation happenings so that you don't quit.
  6. Discover your Hearts Highest Hope.
  7. and lots more.

This course consists of** 3 x 60 minute live one to one sessions **online using zoom video calling.

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Do you want to transform your mind, body and life the simple way?

Gain inner peace, clarity, calm and better health, empowering you to live your life fully.

Mind Detox coaching can help you find and heal the hidden cause to anything negative happening in your life

Hi I'm Josie Truelove, complementary therapist of 20yrs, Meditation and Mind Detox practitioner.

Please contact me below.

22 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2019

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$340 USD
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$340 USD