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Discovery Call

coaching session
$10 USD
$10 USD

In this 30 minute session, let me see how I can help you.

Do you suffer with anxiety or spending too much time overthinking things, procrastinating?

Do you feel consumed or controlled by life circumstances such as work, health or family, or just feeling stuck and can’t see how things can change?

Does your lack of confidence and self doubt stop you from moving forward and achieving what you want in life, your work, relationships, health, or hobbies?

I offer Mindset coaching for calm, clarity and confidence using a variey of techniques to help you let go and move forward in all areas of your life.

Let me see in this call how I can help you and tailor a coaching package to your personal needs.

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Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34 8JG, United Kingdom

Do you want to transform your mind, body and life the simple way?

Gain inner peace, clarity, calm and better health, empowering you to live your life fully.

Mind Detox coaching can help you find and heal the hidden cause to anything negative happening in your life

Hi I'm Josie Truelove, complementary therapist of 20yrs, Meditation and Mind Detox practitioner.

Please contact me below.

On Core Spirit since December 2019

Wellness Coaching
Josie Truelove
Apr 24, 2024, 07:00
Discovery Call

In this 30 minute session, let me see how I can help you.

Do you suffer with anxiety or spending too much time overthinking things, procrastinating?

Do you feel consumed or controlled by life circumstances such as work, health or family, or just feeling stuck and can’t see how things can change?

Does your lack of confidence and self doubt stop you from moving forward and achieving what you want in life, your work, relationships, health, or hobbies?

I offer Mindset coaching for calm, clarity and confidence using a variey of techniques to help you let go and move forward in all areas of your life.

Let me see in this call how I can help you and tailor a coaching package to your personal needs.

Wellness Coaching
Josie Truelove
Apr 24, 2024, 07:00
Mind Detox. Clear & heal toxic beliefs, cleansing your mind for a brighter life

Mind Detox, clearing unwanted, unhealthy, limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits from your mind that are preventing you from moving forward, being your best self and living your best life.

Do you have:

Fears or Phobias?
Health conditions?
Self limiting beliefs,
Repetative patterns?
Do you feel stuck or blocked in life?

Mind Detox can help discover and heal the 'root cause reason' to anything negative happening in your mind, body and life, bringing in new positive and liberating perceptions so that you can let go and move forward with ease to be the best version of your Self, feel free and achieve greater success in life.

We know the importance of detoxing the body for better health and decluttering your house of unwanted things. What about the mind, your thoughts,, beliefs and unseen habits that are causing stress and strain in your mind, body and life?
When have you taken time to 'detox' and unclutter your mind?

Your mind is the control centre to your body, emotions, and how you respond in life. What you are thinking, you are creating.
The mind is like an iceburg and hidden beneath the surface are unconsious thoughts and beliefs that are creating and driving how you live and respond in life.

Mind Detox is a tool for letting go of anything toxic that is holding you back from being your best self, bringing in new perceptions and by percieving your past, present and future in a more positive light, the body can heal and life is able to improve.

"Working with Josie has been such a transformational experience.  I didn’t know what to expect with mind detox, but I was open and willing to shift and give it 100% on the call.  By the end of the session I felt so calm and neutral about the area I decided to work on.  It was subtle but powerful.  It wasn’t until our next session that I realised what had truly transpired from the session.  Each session went deeper and deeper as she guided me to reprogram past beliefs and experiences to step into my full power.  I highly recommend working with Josie if you want true transformation."
Carrie Brito M.A.
Brand Transformation Strategist. USA

The Mind Detox session is quick, non intrusive and you will leave feeling inspired and more positive.

The duration of the session is 60 to 75 minutes and is help online.

One session may be enough to help with a single issue, but it is recommended to book a series of sessions to dive deeper which we can discuss on our meeting.

Josie Truelove
Apr 24, 2024, 07:00
Mind Calm Meditation Coaching. 3 week course.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, have non stop mind chatter, difficulty in sleeping, health conditions or just a general desire to experience inner peace?

Mind Calm Meditation provides practical, easy to use techniques helping you let go of the constant chatter in your mind, gain more clarity, worry less, sleep better, heal faster, live more in the present moment and feel more confident and content.
It is simple and easy to use with your eyes open and closed.

Once you learn the Mind Calm technique you have it for life, there are no strict rules, funny sitting positions and you don't have to go tho the other side of the world to find inner stillness.

As a Mind Calm coach I can show you how to have a relationship with your mind, without having to change, fix or improve it.

You will learn techniques to use whilst on the go, at work, in a business meeting, stuck in a traffic jam, at home with the kids, that will enable you to access that inner peace, the calm within.

Placing your focus on your inner calm, you are able to deal with the outside chaos and will be amazed at how still your mind can be and how life changing mind calm meditation techniques are.

Mind Calm was created by Sandy Newbigging, a modern day monk.

During the course you will.

  1. Discover the 5 hidden causes of a busy mind and why we think so much.
  2. Learn the 3 step Mind Calm Meditation technique.
  3. Practice the meditation technique.
  4. Learn some extra Mind Calm games to help you become more aware and
    experience calm.
  5. Learn about common meditation happenings so that you don't quit.
  6. Discover your Hearts Highest Hope.
  7. and lots more.

This course consists of** 3 x 60 minute live one to one sessions **online using zoom video calling.

Josie Truelove
How you get into water, does it reflect your approach to life?


I’m curious.

Do you dip your toe, or dive straight in**?

Whether it’s a pool, the sea or a lake, how you get in the water to swim, may have vast similarities to how you approach life.

Are you a toe dipper? Do you stand at the edge for ages overthinking, analysing, procrastinating? Do you get knee deep but then stop half way? Or do you just dive straight in? Boom!

Thinking about how you get in the swimming pool, lake or sea can compare to how your mindset deals with life situations.

I discovered my hidden mindset when I was setting up my business. I was so fed up with procrastinating and fearful of how to get things done. Why was I like this when others appear to be flying ahead with ease?

Then one day I saw it. The similarity. I noticed that when I got into the swimming pool I would wait for ages, overthinking, on the steps, knee deep before taking the plunge.

But once in, I’d wondered, why on earth had I wasted so much time and mind energy thinking about it.

Bouncing this analogy around with friends, I was amazed at the similarities.

So I tried an experiment. I had moved to live by coast and hadn’t yet swam in the sea. Why?
The thought of the cold, the splashing waves, I didn’t believe I had the courage to get in the cold sea so I kept putting it off for another day.

Hummm. That’s what I was sometimes saying to myself in my business as a sole entrepreneur, relying on my mind for encouragement. I will get round to using that new technology, arranging my new workshop etc, I will do it, soon....

Does this sound familiar?

Is there somewhere you are procrastinating in your life, waiting and wishing you could just do it?
I decided to take action and change my mindset.

So, costume on, I march down to the sea, and walk in… knee deep, the mind starts going crazy with all the reasons why I shouldn't do it, I keep walking, the mind tells me I will never get my shoulders in, too cold, I keep walking, arms in and go….swim swim swim, cold cold, cold, ohhh lovely. I did it!

I felt a million dollars! If I can do this, then I felt that I can do anything.

I managed to focus on my end goal, ignore all the crazy conflicts in my mind and had such an amazing time.

I practice and teach meditation, I understand that our thoughts contribute to our outcome, but sometimes when things get uncomfortable we can allow our thoughts to go wild, take over, get caught up in that conflict and make mind based decisions based on fear.

How do we know what uncomfortable is unless we have experienced being comfortable?

So now when I get stuck watching from the side lines or get caught up in fear, I remember this analogy.

How I get into the water is how I approach life.

I can choose to spend all my time to overthink and procrastinate, or I can get straight in.

Simply by seeing your thoughts about a situation, you are then able to change them and have a new mindset.

Having changed my mindset I am now able to walk straight in to the sea, with ease and excitement, which gives me the confidence that I can do whatever I choose in life.

It is only your mindset that stops you.

Changing your mindset, changes your life, opens up possibilities and allows you to live life liberated and without limits.
What once appeared impossible can now be an exciting reality.

How can doing the same activity have two totally different perceptions a few weeks apart?
Nothing has changed other than the way I think about it.

From impossible to possible.
From dread to delight.

What are you telling yourself that you can’t possibly do at the moment?
Where are you holding back in life?

Be curious. See your thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and know that they do not have to define you.
YOU are that which is aware of them. Discover your TRUE SELF.

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Spiritual Counselling is all about you, your self- healing and nothing about the outside world or other people and external circumstances.

In Spiritual Counselling, we often travel back to early years of childhood in order to find the root cause of all mental, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalance within your physical and soul being. It is healing the inner child.

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Apr 24, 2024, 08:00

Geopathic Stress
Geopathic stress is the distortion of Geo-electromagnetic energies in the earth’s field of underground water courses, mineral deposits; faults and underground cavities. These distorted or negative energies may radiate through your house or work place, affecting the health of the occupants in different ways. The problem arises when people spend long periods of time working or sleeping in these lines or zones of ‘Geopathic stress’ (GS). The healing of land and houses is essential for good health and wellbeing

Symptoms of Geopathic stress

While Geopathic stress does not cause illnesses directly, it may weaken the immune system which in turn weakens the body, making it slower to heal and more susceptible to illnesses such as cancer.

Sleeping in a Geopathic zone is particularly stressful. If you sleep on a spiral, where two Leylines of the negative energy cross, for example, two underground rivers, not alone may it affect your sleep patterns by causing broken or restless sleep or nightmares, you may wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed. This is because the adrenal gland works overtime to compensate for the distorted earth radiation. The brain also cannot relax into a deep sleep to repair and regenerate the body due to the high content of adrenaline in the blood. Over time, the fact that you sleep in this energy overnight, may lead to energy imbalance or long term illness.

Any of the following are believed to result from exposure to Geopathic stress:

Behavioral problems, e.g. Aggression, hyperactivity
Emotional instability
Sleeping disorders and restlessness
Cancer, M.E. And M.S.
Aches and pains, e.g. Headaches
Back problems
Infertility and cot deaths
Asthma and allergies
Stress and nervousness
Lack of concentration or memory loss
Exhaustion, fatigue or loss of strength
Absenteeism at work due to sickness
Not responding to medical treatment

Physical indicators of Geopathic stress

Animals that gravitate to lines or zones of GS include: cats, owls, slugs, snails, insects such as ants, bacteria, viruses, wasps and bees. Most mammals avoid areas of Geopathic stress. Horses and cows stabled over GS may become sick or prone to injuries. In Ireland in the days of old, people used to put cattle into the fields to see where they would sleep knowing that they would not sleep in areas of negative energy. This is then where the buildings were placed, in the good old days before planning permission!

Areas of non-productive fruit trees, gaps in hedges, twisted growth, patches in lawns and trees where lightening has struck can indicate areas of GS.

Animals and very young children can feel instinctively if a place is healthy or not i.e. If there are lines or zones of Geopathic stress within it. If children are oriented differently from when they were tucked in, or don’t want to sleep in their beds it is wise to check for lines of the GS.

Can the level of Geopathic stress be measured?

Through the art of dowsing, Dr. Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, the ‘Grand Old Man’ of GS, developed a scale to analyze the strengths and effects of the contaminated leylines

The scale runs from 1 to 16 with the following effects:

Up to 4: No effect.
5 – 6: Obesity, swelling of joints, headaches, sleeping problems, anxiety.
7 – 8: Mental disorders, addictions, suicides, depression.
9 plus: Cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and many other disorders.
In both Germany and Austria it is the law to have your house checked for Geopathic stress before you move in.

Love and Light
Joanna Rose Tierney

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Hatha yoga
Sharon Twidale
Apr 24, 2024, 08:00
Hatha Yoga Class

Hatha yoga offers a good contrast to our busy lives as it provides the opportunity to unwind, stretch, and ease away the tension of your day. Hatha Yoga has been shown to have many calming and well-being benefits.

My classes last 30 minutes and will start with a gentle warm-up then advance to more physical asanas (poses). The class ends with Savasana (the pose of total relaxation). Casses are suitable for beginners. My classes are currently held via Zoom.

By registered users: 20
Oracle Cards Reading
Lisa Yoder
Apr 23, 2024, 13:30
Oracle Card Reading

Set your intention and join me for a 10-15 minute session. During our time together I will pull a card from The Starseed Oracle deck for you. This card pull is intented to help you receive the messages you are meant to hear.

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Mindfulness meditation
Johann Strerath
Apr 27, 2024, 00:00
Brain Optimization Guided Meditation

This service is perfectly suited for those who are looking for individual single sessions to reduce their immediate levels of anxiety that causes lack of concentration, focus, sleep disorders, incapacity to take proper personal or professional decisions, as well as hyper activity originated by their excess of work related stress.

At the same time, this online session is indicated to those with depressive symptoms, lack of self-steam, as well as mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion, helping to align their body, mind, emotions and soul, as well as to increase self confidence.

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Luna Rose
Apr 24, 2024, 22:30
Mediumship Reading

You will be connected to a loved one in Spirit. i will provide evidence for you to recognize the disincarnate person, then provide a message if they have one.

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Oracle Cards Reading
Elaine Snyder
Apr 23, 2024, 20:00
Oracle Card Reading

Receive guidance about current life circumstances through an Oracle card reading. Using a three-card spread to reveal an intuitive reading of your energy, ask a question and gain insight about what is happening in your past, present, and future. Learn whether or not your actions are in alignment with a desired outcome, what challenges are holding you back, who or what may be helping you along the way, and how to progress. This is an introduction to my card reading, and is perfect for discovering whether or not we are a good fit for continued work together.

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