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Love Tarot Life Coaching Session

coaching session
$150 USD

Are you tired of being alone? Are you ready for a long term relationship that will ultimately lead fo marriage? Do you want to take your relarionship to the next level?

This reading will go in depth into how to bring love into your life or how to grow your relationship.

please note I do not read on exes and tbeir new relationship, pregnancy, children, or any situation that you are not directly involved in.

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Hello beautiful soul!

It’s time to come out of the shell you’ve placed around yourself and start creating the life you want! I channel your animal spirit guides coupled with tarot cards, and life coaching to help you remove blocks stopping you from living life at your fullest potential!

Want to speak and enhance the bond you have with your pet? I can do this as well!

7 years of practice
On Core Spirit since February 2020

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Amanda Martinotti
May 11, 2021

Hello! So for this, I would say 3 sessions to six sessions. We will be looking deeply into the past relationships as well and I will be adding in energy healing and deep coaching to help you shift your mindset and learn how to be alone while attracting your person.

Joan Wilson
May 11, 2021

Hello! I am really tired of being alone and I want a partner but I have problems with this. How many sessions are necessary to notice the results?

$150 USD
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