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Holistic Nutrition Consultation

$10 USD

A discovery session to find out what your needs and concerns are. This will be a way to feel out if I am a good fit for you and to see if this kind of service would benefit you.

Holistic nutrition is not a standardized approach, but rather an approach based on the analysis of an individual person's complete physical and mental health. Holistic nutrition is based on an individual's unique nutritional needs and overall health.

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Health is greatest gift that one can give oneself. I’ve been through the gamete of health issues. By taking my health into my own hands I was able to get better. Now I made it my life mission to help others do the same.

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Veronica Kee
Apr 19, 2021

Hey! Do you work with vegans?

Ronald Paul
Mar 25, 2021

Will this be useful if I know my needs but cannot decide how to satisfy them properly?

$10 USD
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