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Group Therapy for Women

$35 USD
$35 USD

An ideal opportunity to embark on a therapeutic journey, work through your worries, thoughts and feelings and see yourself in the eyes of likeminded women in a supportive and safe environment.
There is no better way to get to know yourself like through the relationship with others.

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Bromley, UK

My multidisciplinary outlook includes emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and natural aspects of personal growth and change. In my practice I use elements of body work and movement, aromatherapy, life coaching, music, arts and natural materials to facilitate an individual, client-crafted experience. I love helping women to find healing, build dreams and remain anchored in their inner power.

On Core Spirit since February 2021

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Helen Spence3y ago

Hello. How many people are in the group? Could you please tell me, is group therapy more effective than personally?

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