Finding your why

$155 USD
$155 USD

Are you looking to set up your business? I help you look at finding your purpose, what you enjoy, why you want to do it (apart from money, money being a given) and understanding what makes you unique and who your target market is.

I am an ex-banker and have set up my own business. I help individuals to set up their own heart-led purpose-led businesses, whether its a side-hustle or a full time hustle. Its a combination of spiritual work blended with some very practical grounded theories.

I am highly intuitive and can guide you into finding your purpose and passion into a hustle that is fulfilling, nourishing and lucrative - creating the lifestyle you want.

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I worked in banking for several years - depressed, unhappy and unfulfilled. I got made redundant in 2020, and couldnt find a job. Finally I realised that the universe was nudging me out of a career that I had outgrown. I am deeply spiritual - and now help with:

  • Empowerment
  • Setting up business with purpose
  • Wellbeing including mindfulness
3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2021
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Anna Ginger2021-07-08 19:09 UTC

Hello! If I have 3 ideas for starting a business, can you choose the best one for me?

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