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family constellation/systemic work 1:1

therapy session
English, Dutch, Flemish, German
$170 USD

**Live your own life
reconnect to nourishing sources
and free yourself of (un)conscious dysfunctional patterns **

Trauma can be inherited and passed down the generations. Oftentimes, especially with chronic issues, we are re-enacting issues or even trauma that aren't ours. These are issues that we can't seem to shake. That we can't seem to put our finger on. That we KNOW how to change but we keep relapsing into old patterns.

*You're feeling like you're a bad person. You can't understand where that came from; you're life is great. But: Your grandfather was in the war and he had to shoot people in order to survive. This was so traumatising for him, he wouldn't speak about it. He may have well passed it down to you.

You've been unsuccessful having a good relationship. It turns out, your great grandmother wasn't allowed to marry the man she loved for religious reasons. You may have well taken on the belief that true love and marital happiness is not allowed and not possible. *

We will be physically setting up of the elements in the room that are of interest in the family history. Like this, we can find ot what it is that stops you from being free and happy. The elements and their position relative to each other, in the form of coloured felts, allow us to sense into the energy of that person or thing. It gives us information about their meaning and message. As such we can tease out the dynamics, reconnect to sources of support and give back the burden that doesn't belong to us. By doing this, we honour our ancestor's suffering and their wish for us to be free from it. And you will feel relieved and lighter. You will notice an energy shift, making positive behaviour much easier and negative thoughts leaving you.

You don't need to bring your family. Even information that isn't known in the family (secrets) can be discovered like this. After the sessions, records and writings as well as interviews with grandmothers have often revealed the emerged story to have been true.

a session takes about 1.5 hours

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I offer profound healing in a safe space, working with shamanic healing and systemic work (family constellations). Together, we'll disentangle any struggles you have, even if you are unsure what they are. We'll look at how to release old pains and patterns and regain joy in life. Nothing is silly or exaggerated. My combination of techniques provides for deeper healing and more efficient recovery.

13 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2020


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