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Receive a deep energy healing with me and feel relieved and amazed after.

The shamanic view on dis-ease is you either have too much energy or too little. This imbalance stops you from letting go of dysfunctional patterns. Too much will come from things like criticism that you have internalised. Too little will come from stressful events and trauma that your soul was unable to cope with. In these instances the souls splits of a piece and you lose a chunk of energy. You can compare it to people who all of a sudden see themselves being operated on in theatre or being in a car crash from the outside.

I will journey for you (go into a trance and ask my spirit helpers your questions) and remove excess energy, which I can see in the shape of gross animals like slimey snakes, bugs, fish, or the likes, or objects like rusty chains or big nails and such. They will often tell me the citicism or the negative belief you have got. Soul parts that went missing I can retrieve as well. I will see them as you at the age when the trauma happened and they will tell me why you couldn't cope. I will fetch your power animal, which represents the way you deal with problems and life issues best. I'll give you an explanation of what the characteristics are of your particular power animal.

I will send the lost energy and your power animal to you and from that moment on you can start healing. That chronic depression, uncertainty, that niggling thought of low self worth, that anxiety can now be released. Emotions may come up, processing this. That's a good sign.

My power animal is owl. She sees everything and is very wise. She will show me what I need to see and do for you to receive healing. She will never show me anything that you are not ready for. You will not need to do anyting except receive.

You can request a shamanic healing for your child as well

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I offer profound healing in a safe space, working with shamanic healing and systemic work (family constellations). Together, we'll disentangle any struggles you have, even if you are unsure what they are. We'll look at how to release old pains and patterns and regain joy in life. Nothing is silly or exaggerated. My combination of techniques provides for deeper healing and more efficient recovery.

12 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2020

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Julie Tara
Nov 16, 2021

I'm looking forward to doing this session with you! I assume during my first 7 days trial that I can do this for $1. Is that correct? Thanks :)

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