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Family Constellations workshop; disentangle and release your blocks

$140 USD
$140 USD

8 July
Centre of Unlearning, -1 Wingate Road Shepherds Bush W6 0UR, London

***Do you have unhelpful patterns that you can't seem to shake, despite knowing so well what you need to do? ***

Often our driver is a subconscious one, that we can't tackle with talking therapy and simple behaviour change. Family constellations look at the undercurrent of why you're doing things that are not serving you. There is always a very good reason why you're addicted, self sabotaging, falling for the wrong person romantically, losing money too easily, can't seem to settle, obsessing over things, can't seem to be successful in your career, have authority problems... These are just a few examples; any problem can be brought here. Even if you're not entirely sure what the problem exactly is.

Generally, we are either continuing or trying to undo patterns from previous generations, that have been epigenetically passed down to us, so-called #transgenerational trauma. For articles explaining this phenomenon, click here (Scroll down). Every family that has unresolved issues or trauma, that is every family, will be subject to this. Family secrets, emigration, loss of fortue and possessions, loss of a parent at a young age, boarding school, war, betrayal, miscarriages, stillbirths, forbidden love due to religious or other reasons, any kind of exclusion, prosecution, bullying; anything that was traumatic and was not dealt (well) with emotionally.

Family Constellations, also called systemic work, offer an elegant and compassionate way to become aware of these so-called entanglements and to release them. After, you will feel the pull towards the negative behaviour to have lessened or even be gone (depending on how many entanglements there are and have been resolved). It's an effecive and very efficient way to take profound steps towards unburdening yourself, from life issues that you didn't think you had control over. Something you can't access with talking therapy...

No need to bring your family. The issue will be 'enacted' by others in the group who will represent family members of other systemic elements to do with the issue. You'll be surprised at how accurate their representation will be, even though they don't know you or your story.

There are two types of tickets available:

  1. As an issue-holder, you are bringing an issue and we will explore it with support of the members of the group.
  2. As a representative, you will be able to take part in everything apart from having your own constellation set up. Being a representative is often as healing as doing your own constellation.
    A limited number of bursaries is available.

There will be several coffee/tea breaks (catered for) and a lunch break. You can bring your own lunch or have it in one of the various cafe's nearby.

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73 Coningham Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 8BS, UK

I offer profound healing in a safe space, working with shamanic healing and systemic work (family constellations). Together, we'll disentangle any struggles you have, even if you are unsure what they are. We'll look at how to release old pains and patterns and regain joy in life. Nothing is silly or exaggerated. My combination of techniques provides for deeper healing and more efficient recovery.

On Core Spirit since July 2020

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