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I have been studying dreams and their symbolism since I was about 13, for years I have talked to people about their dreams and deduced the subconscious messages which lie therein.

Often with a dream it is important to look at the connection the person has with the imagery. For example for one person a horse my represent their joy, for another their job and someone else may have a phobia and find them terrifying.

During a session we can look deeply into the symbolism of a memorable dream you have had and work out the significance and hidden messages with lie within.

I have uploaded two articles I have written about dreams to provide you with some further information about what we can learn.

(sometimes we can reach great conclusions in a short time, the session will take between 15-40 minutes)

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An advanced astrologer often working with manifestation for; improved mental/physical wellbeing, joyful relationships, perfect career & spiritual alignment. I come from a line of natural psychics I also work with tarot, angels and higher self wisdom.
Along with studying astrology for 20+ years, I am also a writer, reiki teacher, dream analysis expert, animal empath and nutritional advisor.

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Joëlle O'Toole
Sep 14, 2021

Hi Lina, I've just received an email notifying me of this message but it looks like it was from March! Do let me know if you would like to book a session and we can organise a time that suits us both.
I'm in the UK, so 5-7 hours ahead of most US states.
Blessings~~~ Joëlle

Mar 23, 2021

Hello. I often have nightmares and strange dreams that wake me up at night. I think your practice could help me.

$30 USD
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$30 USD