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Tarot Reading

coaching session
$29 USD
$29 USD

An in-depth tarot reading covering your life and then focussing on areas that you wish to change/improve.

We will start by looking at your current situation, go into the past and areas of blocks that require healing and then go into some predictions and guidance for the future.

You will receive reiki during the reading and will feel uplifted and revitalised after your session.

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Birmingham, UK

An advanced astrologer often working with manifestation for; improved mental/physical wellbeing, joyful relationships, perfect career & spiritual alignment. I come from a line of natural psychics I also work with tarot, angels and higher self wisdom.
Along with studying astrology for 20+ years, I am also a writer, reiki teacher, dream analysis expert, animal empath and nutritional advisor.

On Core Spirit since December 2020

Tarot Reading
Joëlle O'Toole
May 23, 2024, 15:30
Tarot Reading

An in-depth tarot reading covering your life and then focussing on areas that you wish to change/improve.

We will start by looking at your current situation, go into the past and areas of blocks that require healing and then go into some predictions and guidance for the future.

You will receive reiki during the reading and will feel uplifted and revitalised after your session.

Joëlle O'Toole
May 23, 2024, 15:30
Birmingham, UK
Distance Reiki Healing

You will receive a 30 minute distance reiki healing, at a time which suits you. I will send you a message at the beginning to let you know that I have started, and another message when I finish.

After the session I will send you a message explaining what I picked up when I was tuned into you and suggestions of anything you can do to improve your overall physical, spiritual or mental health.

I will suggest one or two bach remedies, give some nutritional tips (if required) or recommend some daily practise to improve your day to day balance.

I am a trained reiki master who has studied psychology, energy healing and physical health since I was in my teens.

for serious medical issues, please visit a qualified doctor

Western Astrology
Joëlle O'Toole
May 23, 2024, 15:30
Astrological Coaching and Reiki Healing Session

During a one-to-one session with me we will look at areas of your life which require healing, balance and development. Prior to the session you will be asked to send me your time, date and place of birth, along with a couple of questions you wish to focus upon.

This way I can spend some time preparing your astrological chart and look at where you are born to excel in life and areas which need a little more support and nurture.

I will also tell you what your unique soul path is and how to ‘tune in’ to this to feel more balanced, happy and fulfilled.

I specialise in healing and emotional cleansing. During a session with me you will receive reiki healing whilst we are on the video link and I will provide a 15 minute follow up distance reiki, at a time of your convenience.

After this I will send you a report with notes from our reading; tips on how to improve your health, one or two bach flower remedies which will support your growth and some manifestation / affirmation exercises to work on.

That way the knowledge, emotional healing and cleansing that you receive from me will continue on into the future.

Reiki blessings to you.

Lucid Dreaming
Joëlle O'Toole
May 23, 2024, 15:30
Dream Analysis

I have been studying dreams and their symbolism since I was about 13, for years I have talked to people about their dreams and deduced the subconscious messages which lie therein.

Often with a dream it is important to look at the connection the person has with the imagery. For example for one person a horse my represent their joy, for another their job and someone else may have a phobia and find them terrifying.

During a session we can look deeply into the symbolism of a memorable dream you have had and work out the significance and hidden messages with lie within.

I have uploaded two articles I have written about dreams to provide you with some further information about what we can learn.

(sometimes we can reach great conclusions in a short time, the session will take between 15-40 minutes)

Joëlle O'Toole
May 23, 2024, 15:30
United Kingdom
Astrology/tarot questions answered - minimum 1,500 words.

I am an Astrologer with 20+ years experience, and I have also been studying psychology, relationships, animal behaviour and psychic sensations consistently throughout my life.

It is my life calling to help people to feel freer, happier and more authentic and love-centred in this life.

For just $20 I can answer three question for you, using tarot, astrology and psychic tuning. If you wish me to use your astrological chart then providing your time, date and place of birth will make this reading very accurate. For tarot I will just require your name.

I can create this reading based on any area of your life; relationships, work, future path, vitality, spiritual calling, law of attraction or even dreams or symbol interpretation.

I also study; bach flower remedies, dream interpretation, chakra balancing, aura viewing, herbal supplements and health, vegan nutrition and cooking, animal communication, aura reading, hauntings and mediumship, homeopathy, Ho'opono'pono, sekhem/all love healing and I am a reiki master.

Emotional Trauma Therapy
Joëlle O'Toole
May 23, 2024, 15:30
United Kingdom
OFFER ~ Astrology / tarot 500 word write up

I am an Astrologer with 20+ years experience, and I have also been studying psychology, relationships, animal behaviour and psychic sensations consistently throughout my life.

It is my life calling to help people to feel freer, happier and more authentic and love-centred in this life.

For just $10 I can answer one question for you, using tarot or astrology. If you wish me to use your astrological chart then providing your time, date and place of birth will make this reading very accurate. For tarot I will just require your name.

I can create this reading based on any area of your life; relationships, work, future path, vitality, spiritual calling, law of attraction or even dreams or symbol interpretation.

I also study; bach flower remedies, dream interpretation, herbal supplements and health, vegan nutrition and cooking, animal communication, aura reading, hauntings and mediumship, homeopathy, Ho'opono'pono, sekhem/all love healing and I am a reiki master.

Joëlle O'Toole
8 Reasons why you Should Have a Personal Astrologer

To many, the word ‘Astrology’ conjures up an image of vague horoscopes printed in the back of a magazine or newspaper. As in many areas, the mainstream media has taken a hand in discrediting an amazingly insightful and specific area of expertise. In fact, professional astrologers work in great detail with charts created to exact times and locations. An experienced astrologer can advise you in so many areas of your life that you may never have even considered!

It was customary in the past to consult a personal astrologer, all the royal courts had at least one, and a lot of pinnacles, successful figures still secretly consult an astrologer. The truth is, although we may not be able to substantiate quite *how* astrology work, we *can* prove that it does. In fact, Napoleon famously lost no conflicts, until he went against the advice of his astrologer. The story of Hitler’s downfall is not so different! Here are some ways that astrological advice can change your life.

1. Analyzing your true birth chart

Did you know the word ‘horoscope’ actually means to observe (scope) time (horo – the same word used for hour). It has nothing to do with astrological signs or glyphs and everything to do with creating a personal report. By looking at the chart for somebody’s exact time of birth; something we call the ‘natal chart’; we can tell you so much about your talents, family, career, and character. If you don’t believe me, book a consultation. If it doesn’t resonate that you will not be charged!

2. Predictions and trends

Whilst we are not qualified (or spiritually permitted) to predict the lottery numbers, by looking at your natal chart we can gauge a lot of information about different events that have and will occur in your life. We don’t just look at the future, we often begin our analysis in the past, as by looking at childhood events we can ascertain more about the person you have become and the kinds of situations you are more likely to find yourself in. It is normal for us to accurately predict career changes when you will meet the love of your life and we can even see deaths of family members (but we won’t tell you anything you don’t need to know).

3. Choosing your wedding date or business inauguration

Just as a person will have a chart that may be referred to as their ‘start in life’, so an important event chart can be drawn up in the same way. People in ‘the know’ will consult an astrologer before choosing a wedding date, deciding the start date for a business, or even setting up a new facet, or sideline in a company. Just like a natal chart, a marriage chart can be used to analyze a relationship and the kinds of events that will occur in a marriage. This can be the difference between harmony and great tension in the years to follow. In just the same way, the chart for the date and time a business is set up can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. Astrology IS that powerful!

4. Finding lost items

There is a branch of Astrology which we call, “electional” and is based upon pulling up a chart in response to a particular question. This is surprisingly accurate and is supposedly based upon the energy of the question already having the answer inherently linked, which makes a lot of sense on a quantum level! Electional astrology is often used for finding lost items, but sometimes we will be asked to use it in answer to relationship questions, and it has even been used in criminal detective cases, although it can not to taken as evidence, it can provide a way to collect important clues which lead to great results.

5. Preventing health problems

Although legally we will always refer you to a medical expert or doctor, astrologers can actually ascertain a lot about the state of your health and your proneness to certain illnesses. The Indian branch of astrology (Vedic) deals with this in great detail, but some of us Western astrologers go into it in depth also. Whilst my studies are new, I have found combining certain planetary positions in connection to the positions of the planets at birth can glean great insights on how to prevent common health issues. Since stress is at the heart of a lot of ill health, identifying the kinds of worry and tension somebody is more prone to, will help us to provide preventative type solutions.

6. Predict large-scale events

Although there are not yet any experts in predicting natural disasters consistently, wide-scale political events are very clear. Political, or ‘mundane’ astrologers will use charts that correlate to the ‘birth’ of a country, region or state on the basis of when it was last-named, or significantly altered. For instance, the ‘birth’ for the USA is taken from the declaration of Independence in 1776. This shows the Sun in Cancer and by analyzing this chart against the current and future positions of the planets, we can predict changes. For instance at the time of the Wall Street Crash in 1929; Pluto the planet of change, destruction, and other people’s finances, was transiting over the USA’s Sun in Cancer! Five months later Pluto was officially discovered!

7. Understand your family and childhood

Just as we can often see life and death in a horoscope, we can also gain an idea of the kind of family you have, and the relationships held therein. For instance, it is possible to gauge your maternal relationship and the kind of mother that you experienced, although it could be a completely different scenario for your siblings, as the interpretation will be from the eyes of your own personal experiences. Also by using a special predictive tool called ‘Solar Arcs’, invented and mastered by the late, and great astrologer Noel Tyl, we can determine dates and times of big events in your life. This is particularly powerful for the early years, as powerful changes affect us during the year of our core development. For instance, Sean Lennon was in his 6th year of life when the father who raised him was shot. This coincides with the planet of change & destruction; Pluto, reaching a Solar Arc position to his Sun & Mercury. (And for those who understand astrology SA Chiron=Uranus & Saturn!)

8. Identify soulmate relationships

Astrology is amazingly insightful where it comes to personal relationships. We can identify common ground, communication strengths and weaknesses, chemistry and; most importantly, the pinnacle points of change and development. Relationships are all about being open to growing together if a nourishing soulful connection is what you seek.

So, you see it’s not so much about whether you are fated to be together and have met in other lives, but about the weak areas you may have as a couple and how you can use your stronger areas to work on these. No matter how ‘meant to be’ a relationship is, the commitment to work on being closer and stronger as a unit is the hallmark of a ‘soulmate relationship.’

The astrological chart maps the birth of the body, so whilst we can ascertain the soul path in this life and the compatibility to two partners, an experienced astrologer will never tell you whether you should be together. We will tell you why you are together and sometimes indicate this is a passing connection or, if the love is present from both parties, that this is a long-term bond.

As a psychic counselor, I can tell if there is a soul bond between people, but cannot alter the free will involve, only advise on the mission and how to embrace the deep level of love fully.

Joëlle O'Toole
7 Types of Dreams and Their Meanings

We all love to dream and hear about other people’s dream experiences; when they are good ones anyway! Sometimes the best stories are the ones we live during our sleep time and many great writers and musicians have claimed to have ‘dreamed up’ some of their best work. So, let’s look into how this can occur, and how YOU can use your dreams to create amazing insights!

1. Processing Dreams

It is said that we dream every night, but simply forget most of what occurs. These incidental dreams are what I call the ‘processing’ ones, where if we do remember the imagery, much of it will relate to conversations and thoughts from the previous day. There is not much to interpret from these, as they are what the mind uses to create short-term memory. It is the most necessary type of sleep, however; as we lose our sense of reality and sanity without it. That is why sleep deprivation has been used as a type of torture over centuries.

2. Anima/Animus Dreams

With another nod to Carl Jung’s work, he described the anima as the perfect female counterpart for the male and the animus as a woman’s ideal man (based upon a heterosexual perspective, although the archetypes of masculine and feminine may apply beyond these parameters of course). The key really is about recognizing our male/female side, so that we own and embrace both the masculine and the feminine parts of ourselves.

Therefore, the preface for the anima and animus dreams are about us recognizing our desires and sexual projections both in ourselves, if we have suppressed areas of our characters and also about what we regard to be our ideal mate. The belief is that the scary dreams of being held down or seduced by a member of the opposite sex, are projections of our own ‘other side’ or even ‘dark side’ wanting to be released from our own subconscious.

Some of the experiences I’ve heard about sound more like spirit entities, and it’s easy to become confused between the two. The Anima/Animus is a projection of our own subconscious, revealing our own limitations and needs to our conscious mind.

3. Lucid Dreams

Some people experience these dreams naturally and frequently, others learn to do so. The concept of lucid dreaming refers to the awareness of being in a dream, whilst asleep. This allows the dreamer to ‘wake up’ to the fact they are dreaming and have a vivid alternative experience of their own choice and guidance. In a sense, you can go anywhere and do anything if you are able to have lucid dreams, although I’ve rarely heard of anybody creating their dream from start to finish. Have you? I’d love to hear more experiences of this. It is said that if you go to sleep with the intent that you wish to lucid dream, that after a certain amount of repetition this will start to happen for you too! Try it!

Although I always warn people that to do this every day will obstruct the processing dreams, which are integral to our mental health. So, it’s best not to do this every night, once you develop your ability.

4. Nightmares

I believe and I also perceive, that most of us, by adulthood have a certain amount of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is not to nullify the severity of this in those who have been in incredibly shocking, and horrific circumstances, it is a recognition that a low level of PTSD does contribute to depression and overall health and acknowledging this can help us to deal with it. Nightmares are actually sent to us to help us to recognize trauma and intense psychological fears that are lodged within our energy bodies. Nightmares are there to bring awareness to us, so as to help us to heal deep issues.

Now it may be observed that children experience nightmares, and have had little trauma, but note that being born and being squeezed out into a cold and scary world requires psychological recovery. Some children may even remember past life pains and horrors and carry the grief from these in their energy subconsciously.

Often nightmares come to reveal our deepest fears and anxieties to us and the best way to deal with these is to try to sit with the fear and allow the energy of it to engulf you. Allow the stress to be revealed and transmuted.

Please note – this advice is not for those experiencing flashbacks, or severe trauma based upon real-life events. This advice is for low level, fear, and phobias only.

5. Travelling Dreams

Have you heard of astral travel? The concept that our energy/astral body (akin to the aura and the soul) may travel independently of the body and weightlessly fly to different places and even timezones. There are some who astrally travel whilst awake, and others who have done so due to severe illness or shock, but it is said that ALL of us can astrally travel when we are asleep.

Imagine. That dream where you met up with your grandmother who has passed or visited your partner when they were 100 miles away, maybe you actually did?

Sometimes astral travel dreams are so vivid that it is difficult to believe that they didn’t actually occur, well I would say that they probably did. Have you ever asked somebody that you feel you ‘visited’ if they experienced anything themselves? Sometimes they have. Padre Pia was a famous figure who could appear to people at will and even relocate his physical body. Maybe you can too? If you believe you can.

6. Creative Dreams

Our dreams are a wonderful way to download creative inspiration. Paul McCartney famously said that the song ‘yesterday’ arrived at him in a dream, I have had songs come through this means also. In fact, sometimes people with no musical ability can hear amazing pieces of work, apparently penned by their sleep-induced minds, although given no outlet with which to share these.

Some inventors and entrepreneurs have said that if they have a problem the best thing to do is, “sleep on it!” Often if we ask a question that we need an answer to, our slumber may very well reveal this to us. Try it, it’s amazing how often we are the masters of our inspiration and solutions. Einstein used this method to perfect his work, I tend to ‘ask the universe’ to solve my quandaries, but a lot of the time it is my own subconscious which provides the most effective answers.

7. Prophetic Dreams

I believe that we are all naturally psychic, that the feeling of ‘being watched’ and the sense that ‘something is wrong’ are still socially acceptable phenomena but that we have a lot more ability than that. Like anything, if you don’t use something you do lose touch with it, but before electric lights, and house security systems, all humans needed to use additional sense if they wished to stay alive.

When we are asleep, we cannot judge our intuition and psychic ability, so dream time is a very common way to receive ‘messages’ from the other side or sensory perceptions that have been ruled out by our conscious logic.

More of us than care to admit it, have had dreams which have predicted the future, or revealed information that was not clear to us whilst we were awake. One of the key ways to identify a dream which is predictive or ‘prophetic’ is the vividity of it, and the fact that the dream itself will wake you up. If you suddenly are roused from your sleep for no apparent reason and yet have a strong sense of a dream that has just occurred, then write it down! In as much detail as you can, it may very well come true, or be a message for somebody close to you.

Do you know that if you get into the habit of writing your dreams down every day, then you begin to dream more often and receive more messages? Try it. Perhaps there is somebody who wants to contact you, or maybe a clue to how to achieve your greatest desire is lingering there in your dreamscape, waiting for you to discover it?

Wishing you all; peace, love, faith, and joy. Shalom and sweet dreams~~~~~

Joëlle O'Toole
6 Common Dream themes and their meanings

At the moment we are all experiencing some kind of change to our daily lives. Whether this is related to; our work patterns; concerns about health; adjusting to loss,; or simply the sense of pervading unknown that the world is currently experiencing, at this time our dreams are more important than ever.

Our dreams are an insight into our psychological processes, a connection with our subconscious minds and an indication of where we need to pay attention in order to be more healthy, happy and balanced, even when faced with such uncertainty.

Although we all have unique ways of thinking and processing information in our minds, there are certain themes which seem to ring true for most people. All-in-all most of us learn the same basic forms of education at school, along with the same kinds of manners and basic survival needs. Even if we live in an entirely different culture, and speak a different language our relationship with water will be very similar to that of most other people.

So let’s use that as a starting point.

1. Dreams about Water

Water represents emotions and feelings in our dreams; just as the Moon in the astrological chart, correlating beautifully to the tides and the cycles of life.. It is the nature of the water which provides insights into our current emotional landscape.

For instance; a dream of sailing confidently at sea, would indicate that we feel ‘in control’ and ‘on top of’ our current emotional situation. Whereas, a dream of a tidal wave would represent a fear of being overwhelmed by an uncontrollable wave of emotions, and may well indicate that the dreamer is suppressing their day to day feelings due to this fear.

A dream of a flood may be about us feeling that things are starting to spill from one area of our life into another. Perhaps a relationship problem is affecting our work life and we sense damage.

Being in water, may be about us embracing the idea of becoming closer to an emotional experience, and embarking on a new relationship.

2. Teeth problems

This is a surprisingly common dream, that people tend to have when they are feeling insecure, or like they are facing issues that they are not equipped to deal with. A promotion at work may bring this kind of dream as we question our ability to deal with the a greater workload and responsibility.

It could be that there is an area of our lives in which we don’t feel good enough, or that we match up to others.

Often this dream will be about teeth falling out, rather than pain and where we are when this occurs in the dream will tell us more about the areas in which we feel we are not as able to cope as we would hope.

A methodical approach to developing ones confidence and skillset will usually be enough to deal with the daytime situation that we are fearing.

3. Running away/being chased

This is a very common dream for children, and often one that many will have as a recurring dream that they first recall. It is to do with going through great changes in life experience and feeling pressure to adapt too quickly.

For a child it could be connected to the pressures of starting school, and suddenly needing to be doing a certain thing, at a certain time, wearing a particular outfit. It can be very stressful for some children to have so much change and pressure thrust upon them in such an extreme manner.

If this is the kind of dream you had as a child, you will find that it will occur again in your adult life when you are in the same kind of situation. If expectations and pressures are suddenly placed upon you, a connect to the first time your personality was subject to this kind of change and your subconscious will use the same symbolism to process this.

Metaphorically you want to ‘run away ‘ and ‘feel free’ because you feel oppressed and that the world does not allow you to be as you truly are at this time.

4. Being naked

Another common dream that most of us experience when we are exposed in our real lives. It could be that you have to do a presentation at work for the first time and everybody will be looking at you. Perhaps there is some gossip about you in your social scene that is making you feel vulnerable and exposed.

Shy people will be more prone to dreams where they suddenly find they are not clothed, or even are in seen by others whilst on the toilet.

It is to do with your personal space being infringed upon and if this isn’t happening for in a way which will benefit you (public speaking will develop your character, gossip will not) then you need to look at making some changes to what and who you are allowing into your closer circle in life.

5. Falling in love

This is a very uplifting dream and dreams of this sort can be very vivid on a deep level, rather than necessarily a visual one.

If are single and you have a dream of this sort, it may actually be that love is coming to you and preparing you for the feeling. Some people dream of their soulmates just before they meet and at times even see their faces accurately. Others will dream of how if feels to be with this person, and if you do feel an all encompassing love in your dream that stays with you when you awake, do use this as an indicator of the kind of love your soul wishes for and how to recognise that love when you find it.

If you dream of being in love with somebody other than your true love, then it probably represents parts of them and your own character that are developing and being integrated deeper into your connection.

True love will help us to develop, grow and seek to find better versions of ourselves, so it is natural that the subconscious will celebrate these little successes as they occur.

6. Flying / falling

Although we all love a dream where we are flying as it is uplifting and exciting, in terms of interpretation if often means that we are not satiated by our day to day lives. We are not living our full potential and the ascent of our souls in the dreamworld is asking us to seek a higher, and more fulfilling life goal.

It may be that we are living our lives as others have expected us to and yet our true desires in life lie in a completely different direction.

Interestingly a dream that you are falling has a similar meaning, it just indicates that you are less ‘in control’ of the situation and that your life may be crashing around you if you don’t make a rapid change (think of The Tower in tarot for a comparative).

The important thing to remember is that if we do manage to live up to those who are always asking us to be different to how we really are, we will never reach the point where they say, “well done” “I am proud”. The very nature of somebody who wishes to control another’s life, very rarely will be the same person who will ever be satisfied or pleased with your efforts. Your attempts to please them will probably simply reveal more demands and criticisms.

Ironically, if you rebel early on and disassociate yourself from their clutches, then you are more likely to gain a grudging respect from this person over time. By reinforcing negative behaviour we are always giving the message “I accept” by stepping back and saying that you simply are who you are and have to make your own choices, you are providing the other person with an opportunity to grow. Whether they take this or not is nothing to do with you, it may be that they will remain toxic, but at least if you provide your own freedom and follow your own path you will have kindness and happiness to share with them, rather than having your life reflect their own inner disappointments and projections.

Be as free as you dare and as kind as you can.

Shalom, blessings and sweet dreams to you all~~~

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Before the Session

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It may be as simple as a deep rooted belief that once you write from your heart and really put your honest thoughts and fantacies out there, you will be harshly judged, not understood, criticised, unappreciated, ridiculed, laughed at, so on and so forth. It may have its origin in a trauma you have experienced in this life time or more than one lifetime. It could be a karmic cycle you're going through and maybe it's not the first life, where you struggle to be your true self and to express yourself freely.

Perhaps, it could be a belief that no matter how hard you try, you can never create a really good piece of writing. Perhaps, it's an issue of completing something. Perhaps, concerns over money and writing what sells (and not what is close to heart) that's the problem.

The above are just examples. I would need to meditate to see what your unique situation is.

Reading Part of the Session

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Healing Part of the Session

We will discuss the reading part of the session and wil find what traumas / reasons / habits / beliefs / etc. are available for healing. We may find the specific events, decisions or promises you made in the past that need to be revisited and changes made. With your permission, I will perform shamanic healing for those particular birth places of the limiting beliefs, fears and hurts that lie at the heart of why you are experiencing your writer's block.

This kind of healing is not only good for critical instances, where help is needed. If you are not experiencing writer's block at this time, this kind of healing can reveal issues you would benefit from healing and clearing to become even better at what you do, do release any fears, judgements, beliefs, limitation that may be hindering your writing at this time.

The goal of this healing session is to get you to feel safe and comfortable being your true authentic self, making your authentic decisions and taking bold steps in the persuit of freely and openly expressing your true self in a unique way, and doing it with pleasure, joy and peace.

Please write your questions, concerns and anything else you would like to know about this session in the comments below.

  • Please book your session a few days in advance because I need some time to meditate on your particular situation and understand for myself, what action steps can be taken for healing.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician or a mental health provider. My services and content are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis and/or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or a mental health condition. Never disregard professional medical and/or mental health advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.

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Body and Emotion Code
Sara Dessau Lopez
May 22, 2024, 13:00
Emotion Code for Anxiety Relief

🌙. Receive a 60 minute Emotion Code session for anxiety relief. This session will feel like you’ve gifted yourself with a bouquet of beautiful 🌺 flowers. You may have a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on that something is getting in the way of your success, your goals, and your dreams.

🌙. I want to help hold a safe space for you to go deep into your truth and your shadow to uncover what it is. This emotional clearing session is like shining a flashlight on your stuck emotions causing negative patterns, self sabotage, or fear of success. As we shine a light we create movement so we can let go of what we don’t want.

🌙. If we don’t process our old emotional wounds, when life throws curves at us, it is like having a wound on our body and throwing salt in it. It stings. Instead of ignoring that comment someone made, it brings us back to the time of the wound in the past even if we don’t realize it. Subconscious emotions are stored in our body and brain where they can bubble to the surface.

🌙. We will identify exactly what stuck emotions are getting in the way of you feeling calm and relaxed using the Emotion Code framework and clear those. We will also do a short guided exercise/meditation where I will send reiki to both your nervous system and any past events that need healing as well.

🌙. You are precious; treat yourself accordingly. You are worth taking the time to treat yourself to self-care. What can you take off your plate to make room for taking care of yourself and remembering your magic?

🌙. Our bodies are 55% water and we need plenty of pure, filtered water every day so please hydrate well before and during your session.

🌙. I will share what came up, what shifted, and how to do easy self care to keep your energy and emotions flowing and clear.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Love, Sara

All healing sessions are non refundable.
If you need to change the time of the healing please try to do so at least 24 hours prior.

Legal Disclaimer:

This session does not replace medical care for a medical condition. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical issue. Please see a licensed medical professional or doctor for health concerns.

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Distance Healing
Fernando Albert
May 22, 2024, 14:00
(En Español) The Healing: No labels, just White Light


A treatment feels like a wonderful White Light flowing around you. With an energy healing you will bring balance to your body, your emotions, your mind and spirit, and your feelings of tranquility and inner peace will be amplified. By improving balance in your life, you will improve your focus, well-being, and happiness. When we find the sentimental sources that cause physical pain, we usually eliminate the pain.

You can request a healing for yourself, for a family member, a pet, or a place or object. I can send White Light to negative moments in the past (in this life or past lives), for better results in a present situation or for protection.

The Healing focuses on: * All your living areas. * Your body, mind, spirit. * Past Lifes, and Karma (cord cutting) * Bringing positive past moments to the present.

I will send you the healing when your Guides or your Higher Self consider that you are more receptive, and then we will connect for a few minutes by video and I will explain to you how the healing went, and if your Guides have anything to explain to you.

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Erickson Hypnosis
Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
May 22, 2024, 06:15
Self Image Transformation Through Visualisation

This Session Will Take 40 Mins To 1 Hour. Depends from student to student.

A self image is not something that you see in the mirror but what you start telling yourself once you see yourself in the mirror. Most of the clients that i worked with did not even know they had a chance to move past their past in just single session.

This is the simplest way to a good life! your mind is like an electronic switching station. converting the potential energy into kinetic energy. Look at your current results you will know wherever you are stuck.

Ask for Help. Invest in your well being.

Includes A Practice Session Free Demo Of 20 Minutes To Know if we can Work with each other.

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