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These scans are great for when you have something 'unidentifiable' going on. Maybe you feel stuck, unable to move forwards, or have a physical ailment or complaint that has left the doctors stumped (perhaps you've felt for awhile it's energetic?). Together we will scan your energy field, focusing in on 1 or 2 major areas that arise. We then use a combination of Deep Coaching and Energy Medicine, to discover what's contributing to your particular issues or blocks. Before our session, I will send you some questions to fill out and return, and I will do a preliminary field scan based on these. This informs and supports our session, but we will always follow your lead, as you are the one with the most information about your own body and field. I can See and Sense blocks and disruptions in your field, but I don't have the layered info to know what's causing them. Only You do! My job is to hold, guide, support you in discovering what's under the surface. And when you feel ready for release, I hold your hand. These sessions are online, using zoom. We will always meet on video to say hi and check in, and after that, you have the option whether you want cameras on or off. I usually suggest off so you can lay down, get comfy, and focus on you. But sometimes clients feel it's more supportive with cameras on, so either is welcome! After the session, I recommend some quiet time, and lots of water. And you may feel some subtle (or not so) shifts for a couple days. I'm always available for follow-up questions, and can offer ongoing support with coaching, healing, or a combo of both. I look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to contact me with questions - I'm friendly and won't bite ;)

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Hi I'm Stacie. I read energetic patterns in your body to help you understand why you feel stuck, anxious, or have that niggling health issue that's left the doctors stumped. With my unique combo of coaching and healing, we create a safe space for you to heal, clear, and move through into your next level of being, when you're ready. There's no pushing, your inner knowing is always leading the way.
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Stacie Whitney
Jun 7, 2021

Hi Joan, By 'Energy Field', I mean the physical and vibrational aspects of your body. We are all energy, all vibration. Our energetic Field includes our physical bodies but also extends outward beyond it. It can be affected by things such as thought patterns, early childhood (even pre-birth or birth experiences, any trauma, and our ability to feel safe and loved in the world, to name a few. Most issues show up on a very subtle level in your vibrational field long before we notice physical symptoms! But when they become physical, they often still need to be resolved at the energetic core (much modern medicine just treats the symptoms with pharmaceuticals, but never gets to the heart of the matter), to truly heal. These scans almost always reveal unexpected insights and connections, which can especially help those who have been struggling with the same issues or patterns for years with little change or success.

Does that answer your question?

Joan Wilson
Jun 4, 2021

Hi! What do you mean by energy field? Thanks in advance!

Stacie Whitney
Jun 3, 2021

Hi Michelle, nice to hear from you. Each session is different and unique to the client. Some sessions are mostly talking/coaching, others are almost entirely energy healing with deep breathing and silence. What specific aspect of mental health are you looking for? The number of sessions would depend on the results you're looking for. It can vary from 1 session to gain insight in an underlying issue, to my 7 week programme, which includes coaching and healing, where we really dive in and focus together. Some people prefer 1 or 2 sessions a month for 3-6 months which is less intensive, but more ongoing support. Its really up to you. I'd be happy to have a chat and find out what you're looking for and tune into what you need. Not sure if that's permitted here (as I'm new to Core Spirit)?

Michelle Collins
Jun 3, 2021

Hello! This is really exciting. I would like to know exactly how the session goes. Does your practice help to improve mental health? If so, how many sessions are essential to start noticing the results? Thank you in advance :)

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