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What the Doctors (Don't Know to) Tell You About Your Health
Jun 1, 2021

I have a higher regard for allopathic medicine than most people I know. Conventional doctors have saved my life on multiple occasions, as well as those of my 2 children, my husband, and seeveral close friends and family members. My brother is a surgeon, my father a retired periodontist. Science and medicine have always held a prominent role in my life.

When I was 19, and fell critically ill with my first bout of pneumonia (which was to recur on 3 other occasions in later life), I asked the doctor if there was a natural way I could cure it. I'd heard so much about overuse of antibiotics, and how it leads to both superstrains of bacteria, and also an internal imbalance in the body. He looked at me like I was insane, and wrote out my prescription. My dentist father sold me over the phone when he said
"this is not overuse - this is what antibiotics are best used for - they can save your life, or at the very least, your lung."

My births, with both my daughter, and 4 years later, my son, had extreme complications. After many years of healthy living and eating, a hypnobirthing class, a birthing pool, myriad audio meditations, and a full believe in the wisdom of my body to know what to do, I ended up, both times round, with life-saving Cesareans.

And when I spent nearly 6 months in neonatal intensive care (NICU) with my son, I came to not only respect, but adore most of the staff who was caring for him. These are true angels in our society, saving lives and holding space for tiny newborns and their families when they're at their most vulnerable.

And even with all of this incredible medical care and support, my son's odds of survivial were very low. He battled day in and day out for months on end, just to breathe. Other babies, ones we had grown to know and love, died around us. And somehow, miraculously, my son kept bouncing back from the brink, and growing stronger. The doctors were amazed, the nurses told us (daily for awhile) how unusual and mindblowing it was to see him get through each ordeal and recover in the way he had.

What none of them knew (and at the time, we weren't even aware of the extent of) was the worldwide support network that was holding him energetically. We are fortunate enough to be part of a vast connected web of spiritually-focused people around the world. There were large groups of prayer circles, loved ones, dancers, singers..they were all regularly praying for and sending healing energy, thoughts and love to Rafi, as he struggled to learn to breathe. There were hundreds, if not thousands of people breathing for, and with, him. And these collective efforts made all the difference for him.

Energy in this form isn't something that can be physically measured. And yet, the results were so tangible, they left the professionals mystified.

And in the same way, a density, block, or blip in your Energetic Field isn't something that is easily or regularly measured. Yet it's very often the root cause of illnesses or issues further along down the road. It's not necessary to discover what the original cause was, in order to identify the block and release it. But sometimes knowing it can help to recogize blind spots or patterns that contribute to a chronic condition. There's no point in clearing energetic blocks if we're just going to recreate the same conditions over and over. They'll simply return.

This is why I'm so in love with the combined deep coaching and healing work I do. It doesn't dismiss allopathic medicine. In fact, I encourage my clients to work with their doctors alongside our work together. When addressing physical symptoms, I also discuss lifestyle habits, and details doctors often leave out (ie, do you drink enough water on a regular basis?).

But in this work we are able to drop another level (or even many) deeper. We explore the patterns, blocks and messages that are present in our energetic field. We witness the thoughts and beliefs, and begin to understand and experience what life FEELS like without these hindrances. It's a stunningly beautiful experience, when clients get that shift. Something just releases, and there is an absence of all the noise and stress. It's such a treat and joy for me to hold space for this, as I fully experience shift in being alongside my client! We often end up giggling together at the beauty and simplicity of Being.

I call this space the 'Teflon Space', as nothing unwanted is able to stick to you here. No negative thoughts, no disease. It's so rich and so accessible when we are willing and ready to give ourselves the space we truly need.

This is not something that could be learned in medical school. But in an ideal world, people have access to both. To excellent medical care, when needed, as well as someone who is able to See them truly and deeply, and hold a loving space for the part of them that is bigger than their physical body, to flourish and grow.

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You have an unusual story! It's nice to know that medicine helps people, despite the corruption and negligence that exists in its depths. In other words, in any area there are enough good and bad people, this is how our world works!